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The Completeion Pack for Bryants' Demo MODs - All compiled into one pack.


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The Completeion Pack for Bryants' Demo MODs - All compiled into one pack.

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Features (1.0):

Full Universe
All Buildings
All Fighters
Imperial AI
Trade Routs
Aggresive Imperials who ATTACK YOU. (For Some Reason only they only do it on hardmode)

Whats New in Version 1.5:

No More Death Star
New Rebel Units
Empire Unlocked
All Empire Tech
Realistic EaW Campain

Whats New In Version 2.0 -Special Thanks to Cain for the Help:

Death Star Fully Disabeled.
Harder, More Agresive AI.
Tweaks here and there.
Disabled Heros that cause exceptions.
Officer Acedemy Enabled.
Fixed Space Stations.
IPV-Patrol Craft added to the Empires Build List.
Rebel AI VERY Agresive when playing as Empire.
Fully Operational Pirates, with fleets and asteroid bases.

Please give all credit to Bryant Malaski (

Please Note: I have gotten Countless emails asking how to edit the xml to instal the Empire, please do not overthink this,
it is a simple copy and past of the Campainsingleplayer.xml file and the Factions.xml file in the 
"Empire Full Tech" Folder in the download

Known Bugs:
Space Retreat Hardcoded, Cannot Change, sorry you lost your fleet man, your screwed.
Some maps say it supports more then 6 buildings, but because this mod uses the Tatoonie map, it can only hold a max of 6, else the game finds an exception.

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