Bubbleteatroopas Conversion Map Pack

Bubbleteatroopas Conversion Map Pack is a pack of map conversions for Forces of Corruption (not Empire at War) by Bubbleteatroopas.



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Bubbleteatroopas Conversion Map Pack is a pack of map conversions for Forces of Corruption (not Empire at War) by Bubbleteatroopas.

This map pack includes the Hypori Droid Factory, Saleucami, the Kessel Prison, Remnants of the Death Star, and Rebel Eviction from the campaign, even though there was already a droid factory conversion submitted. The conversions seem to have been done properly, so if you want good looking maps, though not designed for skirmish, then you ought to give this map pack a try.

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Download 'bubbletea_troopas_map_pack.zip' (821KB)

Bubbleteatroopas Conversion Map Pack!!!  version 1.0


Hey peoplez! Am back and this time i have a map pack for you!!! :D It comes with five maps that, sadly i did not make, but the people at petroglyph did. I only converted them so you may now use some of the glactic conquest maps in skrimish or multiplayer skrimish. They are all 2 faction maps, with number of players ranging from 2-8 people. These maps include:

Droid Factory-by bubbleteatroopa

LAND  (3 so far)

-The map in which you take up arms in a droid factory on some planet that i forgot the name of!


-This map is the map that you have to play on close to the begining of the game during the "communications breakdown" (AKA when jabba gets pissed and blows your comms stations up and you decide to get revenge by going yo his comms base and blowin it up)

Kessel Prison

-The first level of the game where you start of in the apparent imperial prison mining complex. This one was the one where i made the most adjustments to things (all of which are equal in gameplay) and this is an infantry only map. EXCEPT for a hidden capturable factory somwhere on the map!

Space (2 so far)

Remanants of the Death Star

-It kind of explains itself. (AKA the hunting for the becons part)

Rebel Eviction

-I am not sure where in the game this fits in, as i am lazy and dont wanna complete even a video game to find out where it fits! But its basicaly just an average space skrimish map, with two stations and a few mining facility. 

How to install this map pack:

Put the .ted file (one that opens with notepad) into your CustomMaps folder. If you cannot find your CustomMaps folder, look under
C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataCustomMaps
as thats where its installed. If you dont see or get an error message saying CustomMaps cant be found or "invalid directory" or whatever, then make a CustomMaps folder (has to look exactly like this: CustomMaps) If this still doesnt work, look under your other drives such as D: E: F:   etc.....

If you want to use these maps in a mod or anything els, just give me credit, and if you have the time please tell me so i know :) Thanks!  And have fun! Bubbleteatroopa

PS: Please leave a comment and rate the file for other players to consider downloading in the future!


Please be sure to report any bugs/ glitches you find! I will see to them promptly

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