Bubbleteatroopas Multiplayer Nal Hutta

Map by bubbleteatroopas. Changes MP Nal Hutta a bit.


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Map by bubbleteatroopas. Changes MP Nal Hutta a bit.

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Multiplayer Nal Hutta v1.0    Readme

By Bubbleteatroopa

    Multiplayer Nal Hutta is just a simple conversion i made when i was a little bored. 

Because it is a conversion, please dont be to critical on me. Supots 8 player, and has 

buildpads, hostile AI, etc... One team starts off in the lower swampy area, the other on 

high ground. 

How to install: Place the .ted file into 

C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataCustomMaps

Dont have a custom maps? Then make one. 

Note: Has to be exactly like this:     CustomMaps      or els it wont work.

If wanted to use in a mod or w/e, just ask me, and credit me. 

We have a site!  If you want to see all of my work, whats upcoming, or If you want to 

see some of CanadianBorgs work, then head on down to our little site! Feel free to sighn 

the geustbook or become a member! 


anyways, more stuff coming up! Thanks for downloading!


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