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This is my second Filefront release. It is based around ship-to-ship combat, with fighters completely absent from the battle. I was dissatis...


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This is my second Filefront release. It is based around ship-to-ship combat, with fighters completely absent from the battle. I was dissatisfied with EaW and FoC in how Petroglyph did not render it possible without modding to have many capital ships fighting each other. This map pack somewhat corrects the issue in that there are no swarms of fighters to wreck your capital ships. The maps in this pack give the capital ships an opportunity to actually shoot their big guns at what they were intended to: big ships, not tiny snub fighters.

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Title: Capital Clash
Version: 1.0
Author: Penguin Unit
Requirements: EaW and FoC expansion (it's for FoC, but it might work in normal EaW).
Contact info: Ask for my E-mail in the comment section, or contact me through Xfire. My Xfire is "penguinunit".

This was yet another of many maps I have attempted to create for FoC. After playing some of Darthnerd's maps, I came up with this idea. It is somewhat like the strategem packs, except that both sides are roughly equal in firepower with equivalent units. In addition, I was inspired by the fact that in Episode 3, Revenge of the Sith, you saw huge capital ships opening up on each other and ripping off chunks of their hulls. I thought that Empire at War significantly lacked in such action, and bombers seemed to take care of capital ships. So, I came up with these maps: Capital ship vs. Capital ship, with no fighters.

There is somewhat of a problem, because if you have the "free starting units" thing on, you'll get fighters at the start, despite my efforts against this. You will have to turn it off to not get two squadrons of fighters. They're pretty much irrelevant to the battle, though, because of their weak firepower.

This pack consists of three maps:

Capital Clash 1:

Seven Mon Calamari cruisers, two Corellian corvettes, and Home One vs. Five Imperial Star Destroyers, the Admonitor, and the Accuser.

Capital Clash 2:

A mob of twelve Mon Calamari cruisers, Home One, and two Corellian Corvettes vs. The Executor, the Admonitor, and two Imperial Star Destroyers.

Capital Clash 3:

Eight Alliace Assault Frigate Mk 2s, eight Nebulon-B frigates, four Corellian Corvettes vs. Eight Acclamator frigates and eight Victory cruisers.

That's it. I might have gotten the numbers wrong though.

Credits: George Lucas, for making Star Wars in the first place, Lucasarts, Petroglyph for making the game and the editors necessary to make these modifications, and Darthnerd, who I think deserves some thanks for giving me some of the inspiration needed for this map pack.


I don't care if you edit this map pack to your own liking. If you do it for a personal mod, I don't care. If you add it to a mod (if it is modifying something such as GC mode), please let me know and credit me. If you release an edit for it on Filefront, credit me. Otherwise, have at it!

Not Copyrighted 2008, Penguin Unit.

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