Bubbleteatroopa brings us an astounding space map for FoC.

Captured depicts two space stations both overrun by pirates, one rebel, one im...


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Bubbleteatroopa brings us an astounding space map for FoC.

Captured depicts two space stations both overrun by pirates, one rebel, one imperial, but that doesnt matter as they are under the control of the the pirates. There are multiple docks coming from both stations, with the remains of many ships floating below. The map contains a large amount of asteroid fields and nebulae, which hide both resource pads, a Merc Station and other "surprises". The pirates still have a large and dangerous fleet remaining from their battle, and are willing to fight you too. The pirates stand between you and all but one resource pad.

I can do nothing but sing praises for this map as the author really hit the nail on the head with this one. The destroyed ships in the background depict the carnage that took place in the last battle, and hints at what is yet to come. So props on the detail. It really brings the map to life, as does the layout. The layout of the map is realistic and believable.

Space maps tend to look the same, but not this one. It is rare to see such a creatively different space map. and that is why I absolutely love this map. Visually, it is excellent. Tactically, it is genius. And its great fun to play. I look forward to seeing more like this from bubbleteatroopa. Definitely worth the download, so do it now.

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bubbleteatroopa    Readme

Hey this is a space map based around two space stations captured by the black sun pirates. One is rebel, and the other imperial. Both stations have many "docks" pertruding from the "core" station. The pirates have a sizeable fleet left over from the previous battle. I have included a good fair number of resource pads, with a capturable merc station in the upper right corner...but watch out! Theres a little supprise i put up there. There are only 1 resource pad, and 1 merc station from where you start. The rest are all nicely put on the side of the black sun pirates. There are many remnants of old ships, and random junk floating around the map, and i have tried to put alot of detail into the map itself. It is just a map ment for fun realy, nothing important. I just made it cause i was bored of all my other games, so hope you enjoy!

If you are going to use this map in anything, like a mod or w/e just credit me ^_^ thanks

note: This is only for foc. Will not work with eaw

How to install: Place the Captured .ted file in C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataCustomMaps

If you do not have a CustomMaps folder make one.

It must look like this CustomMaps

however with vista for some reason it worked for me like this custommaps.
Just experiment with whichever one works.

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