Caustic - Star Wars: EAW Skirmish Land Map (2v2)

This is land skirmish map!


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This is land skirmish map!

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Caustic - Star Wars: EAW Skirmish Land Map (2v2)

Ok here's my first land skirmish map, not sure what inspired me to do this but hey.

Running the map

1. Unzip the files to \Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Data\CustomMaps directory

2. Run the game

3. Go to singleplayer, skirmish, click on custom maps in the bottom left and the map should be there

4. Should be similar for multiplayer

5. Enjoy!!! (hopefully)

If you have any problems or suggestions, or you find a bug or glitch (with the map, not the game itself please) let me know by either PMing me at the Petroglyph Fan Forums where i'm registered or by emailing me at the address below. Ta.


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