Conflict in Space: New Units

This mod adds new units for both sides of the conflict and tweaks space battles.


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This mod adds new units for both sides of the conflict and tweaks space battles.

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Conflict in Space: New Units (V1)

This mod adds new units for both sides of the conflict and tweaks space battles.


1) Super Star Destroyer - powerful dreadnought armed with 10 turbolaser batteries, 8 ion cannon batteries, 6 concussion missile launchers and a tractor beam emitter; requires tech level 5 and lvl 5 Space Station, can only be built on Kuat and Fondor; buildable in skirmish as well; uses model provided by Legacy of War team
2) SSD "Executor" - Admiral Piett's Super Star Destroyer with commander bonus and power to weapon ability; at tech level 5 replaces (!) Captain Piett's "Accuser"; buildable in skirmish
3) ISD "Avenger" - Captain Needa's Star Destroyer, faster and more manoeuvrable than standard one; level 3 space hero; buildable in skirmish (at lvl 4)
4) Venator-class Star Destroyer - cruiser armed with 2 turbolasers batteries, 4 laser cannons (both blue) and 2 proton torpedo launchers (untargetable); slightly weaker than Victory-class; requires Space Station level 2/level3 (GC/skirmish); spawns V-Wings
5) Venator-class Star Destroyer (with SPHA-T) - Venator with Proton Beam; requires Space Station level 3 for both modes
6) V-Wing - outdated fighter

1) MC80 Wingless Mon Calamari Cruiser - capital ship buildable in lvl 3/4 (GC/skirmish) Space Station; stronger than Victory and Venator SDs but weaker than ISD and stardard MC Cruiser (now renamed to "Liberty-class"); uses "Home One" model with reduced size; can only be built on MonCalimari, Kuat, Fondor or Sullust
2) General Jan Dodonna - space hero availible at level 3; he has "ship reveal" and "find weakness" abilities; during space battles located aboard the most powerful ship in the fleet or on his shuttle


* Home One is larger and more powerful
* population cap in space raised from 20/25 to 30/35 (Imps/Rebels)
* cheaper fighters in Galactic Conquest
* Accamators spawn V-Wings
* slightly stronger shields for Liberty-class Cruiser
* longer heroes respawn time (240 -> 360 sec)
* some other minor tweaks (units costs etc.)
* icons, descriptions


Unzip the archive and put GameData folder into your Star Wars Empire at War directory. Run conflict_in_space.bat from Star Wars Empire at War\GameData folder to start the game with the mod enabled. You can use provided icon to create a desktop shotrcut.


If you change starting techlology level to 5 in any Galactic Conquest scenario, the Empire will get both Captain Piett with ISD and Admiral Piett with SSD. This bug doesn't appear when you start a scenario with different technology level and in Alderaan's Demise (but you won't receive the Accuser regardless of chosen tech level).


* Legacy of War team for providing an excellent Super Star Destroyer model
* Jediroman_rus for Wingless Mon Calamari Cruiser idea
* ViceMan for his major help on the forum even though he doesn't know about that - I've used his archive posts :)

Contact: avenger85 AT poczta DOT fm

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