Dagobah Discovered



Dagobah Discovered is a ground skirmish map for Forces of Corruption (not Empire at War) by _237th_SC_Com_Bly.

The map revolves around a scenario where the Empire sent a fleet under Darth Vader to attack Yoda while on Dagobah. Visually, the map looks great. There are plenty of trees and areas with shallow water to spice up the map and give the impression of a swampy marshland. The constant rain really adds to the ambient effect of Dagobah and the dark texturing fits nicely. If you wanted another good Dagobah map to play on, this is your ticket home.



reason why fighting on that planet: 

afther yoda deied the emporor senst a big explosion of force on Dagobah. he sended the imperial fleet to it with as commander Vader but 1 of the Rebel jedi's senst it too and the fleets of both factions did arive at the same time the fight was won by the empire (this is why crashed ships on planet like the : accalamator, xwing, ivp , imperial landing shuttle) some rebels did already go to the planet before they lose and did come with a base in transports XD. the empire came after the fight too on the planets and builded their base now its to you WHO WILL WIN. and more important WHO WILL DEI.

reason why 2: 

not much dagobah maps ( found  1 here on filefront )

known bugs:
sensor aray not capable.

tips: dont send to much vichels on your own side only infatrie can pass the swamp

with swamp i mean middel ( its all swamp but all right )

this map is not done yet but i already found the map nice to play (over 2 weeks i hope to post a perfect dagobah)

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