DarkTrooper9847's First Mappack



As the title suggests, this is the first mappack from DarkTrooper9847. The 8 contained maps, consisting of 3 space and 5 land are done well for a first timer.

The maps should be fun to play and offer a different experience in that they're not overcrowded with props or scenery, though the creator does recognise the need for improvement and would Feedback from all who play his maps.




this is my very first map pack, with my first couple of custom maps
using the petroglyph map editor.
I put a few crazy things in some of them, just to fool around and have
bit of fun. 

there are a total of eight maps, three of which are space maps, 5 are 
land. only two of them have height changes, and they're rough since 
i'm a beginner. you'll find lots of random things that don't make 
sense, but i just went crazy with props.

Mustafarian PLains, Mustafar
Jedi Academy, Ossus
Naboo Bogs, Naboo
Sith Temple, Ziost
Void (space)
Centerpoint, Corellia (space)
Dark Side, Ziost (space)
SPARTA Honoghr

 To install, unzip the contents, and you should get TED files. Put 
them into ProgramFilesLucasArtsForces of CorruptionDataCustomMaps
if you do not have a custommaps folder, just make one in the "Data" 

thanks to petroglyph map editor and all the elements in there, which 
is all i used. 

passability is rough and needs improvement in some areas
AI paths aren't great, most tend to ignore mining pads, etc, making
them a lot easier.

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