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version 3.0 =D

if found alot of bugs aswell as ive taken the time to kind of reshape all...


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version 3.0 =D

if found alot of bugs aswell as ive taken the time to kind of reshape all the maps

good news i fixed my stupid mistake of useing shortcuts as the files i uploaded =D

fixed the "D" as the name for my night version of tatooine map

my name written in asteroids blocked the upper factions units from easily gettin to the pirate base/ship yard

lowered the exetreme laggyness of the space map in the center when battleing

its not very noticable of the new terrrain but ive smoothened out all of the pointy

non natural mountains on the tatooine maps

lowers the highest terrain level in the maps

removed the useless laggy props i have also added it more realistic

instead of it being quiet at the bases all the hutt an pirate bases aswell as urs an oppising factions bases have an alarm that has gone off with flashing red alarm light



btw my screen name in FOC is {DSA}DJ_Medinaz

version 1.0 through 2.0 Description: this is a patch for my majorly bad map setup

i have fixed a lag problem with the space map

fixed the random prop by pirate base in the land maps

fixed independant ai problems

fixed the useing of shortcuts to use as the upload

heres the description from the other versions ive made Description:

this is version 2.0 of my previous tatooine maps i have fixed some bugs going on with space map

-bug of space stations turn out to be opposing factions station when u spawn at ur own station (fixed) ermm nothing else

lowered pirate an civilians number by alot since it was way to many an caused lag (fixed)

fixed some buildpad errors fixed up a better fort for 3rd players bunker position

an alot of othr stuff im to lazy to list

well its better this is my map pack for tatooine

this is SOLELY my ORIGINAL work

this map pack includes the following:

tatooine land (day)

tatooine land(night)

space tatooine(space!:O)

____- the space has a level 2 space station an a hutt asteroid base setup in center of mapp

it has the following advantages if u defeat the pirates

2 more mining facility's orbtal sensor array hutt asteroid base (capturable) it also has otherr essential details to it for instance the pirates in the center have been making profit from there ship building contracts and you will find a nicely built shipyard

____--- the land maps have the following:

2 special structure pads plus 1 out of base pad guarded by rancor den 3 mineral etractor pads per factions

barracks,light factory,heavy factory, research center,cammand center of coursee,comm array,shield generator,turbo laser towers,build pads it is a 6 player map 3 per team 2 of the spawn points are in the base the other one is in a bunker located in the upper section of the map

pirates an the hutts have established two bases one toward the southwest of the map another toward mid north of the map,there are 2 reinforcement points per side civilians have established colonies along the map not very laggy at all on single player there is a night version ATTENTION: THE NIGHT VERSION IS NO DIFFERENT FROM THE DAY VERSION only it is dark of course there is light an ive arranged nature settings so it look like everyone has some light source on them

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Download '' (2.23MB)

readme PLEASE to find out what xml is for

simply extract or unzip the .ted files to your desktop

well...etract everything to your desktop

place the xml folder inside you

C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionData    folder

place the .ted files or the name of my maps inside your

C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataCustomMaps      folder

have fun =D

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