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This is my second map. It is designed to work with EaW (not FoC). I've spent a lot of time playing it, and re-working it. I've tried to ge...


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This is my second map. It is designed to work with EaW (not FoC). I've spent a lot of time playing it, and re-working it. I've tried to get screenshots (I've read all the forums to find out how to do it), but the "PrintScreen" button does notthing, I don't have any kind of screenshot folder, and I can't locate screenshots anywhere on my computer (don't know why) - So I appologize for not having them to post, but trust me... it's worth downloading and taking a look at! If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions - please feel free to let me know. And please post comments if you like it. Enjoy!

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Download 'civiluprising_v1.0.zip' (63KB)

Download the [civil-uprising.zip] and extract the [Civil Uprising.ted] file to: LucasArtsStar Wars Empire at WarGameDataDataCustomMaps

This map is designed to work with EaW (not FoC). It is a two-player, multi-player map (Empire vs. Rebels). the Empire has a slight advantage over the Rebels sue to planet control, yet both sides are challenging to play.


Shortly after the destruction of the Death Star (Episode IV: ANH), the Empire sets up a base on Mustafar. Rich in resources, an Empirial force feverishly begins mining resources to rebuild the ultimate weapon of the galaxy. The civilians on Mustafar slowly begin to sympathize with the Rebellion, and ultimately tip off the Rebels of the Empire's presence. Not knowing the extent of the Empire's presence, Han Solo and Chewbacca (along with C3PO and R2-D2) are sent to spy and assess the situation. Unbeknownst to the Rebels, Darth Vader is present over seeing operations. Once the Empire is alerted to the presence of the Rebels, they seek to wipe them out - along with any rebel sympathizers.

In-Game Tips


> There are limited units on both sides, so manage them well
> The best offense is a good defense
> Gain resources early, so you don't run out of credits

* To make things more interesting, turn off the following game option:

	- Pre-build Base


> Gain resources early in the game
> Your communications array will provide valueable information
> Protect your ground units


> Gain resources early in the game
> Protect your civilians, and utilize them wisely
> Utilize your heros' special abilities well

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