EAW/ FoC Mod Launcher



Contained is the EAW/FoC Mod Launcher Program by the Team over at SMG.

It automatically detects all Mods you have installed in Modpaths.

Below are images of the Installer in action.



==											==
==											==
==			 Unofficial Petroglyph EaW/FoC Mod Launcher 1.0			==
==				http://www.petroglyphgames.com				==
==											==
==											==

1. Installation & Requirements
	To run the launcher you need to have Microsoft Dot.NET Framework 2.0 installed
	You can find it on the official Microsoft website:

	After you ensured you have the Framework 2.0 installed, place the Launcher wherever 
	you want on your Computer. Starting the Launcher out of a network will cause errors.
	No installation is required. It scans automaticly where you have Installed your 
	EaW and FoC.

2. Usage
	Make sure that you have every of your Mods for EaW and FoC in the "Mods" Folder.
	If you patch your EaW/FoC installation to the lastest version, or install the
	mapeditor, these Folders will be created for you. If you wish to create them on your 
	own, place the "Mods" folder for EaW in the "GameData" folder. For FoC place the 
	"Mods" folder in the FoC root folder (where the swfoc.exe file is located).
	For each Mod you wish to use in EaW/FoC create it's own folder within the Mods folder,
	Or rename the Folders you allready have to a Name you know what mod it is. The 
	Launcher scans the Mod folder, and shows you the name of the folders inside.

	To launch the game, or a mod, just open the launcher by double clicking on it. The
	unmodded games are found as textlinks above the mod box. To start EaW or FoC make
	sure you have the correct disk in your ROM drive, and klick the name of the game.
	To start a mod, choose it's name from the list. The tag in front of the mods name
	tells you wich disk you need to play it. Activate it by clicking on the name and
	then push the start button.
	Your game will be launched modded

3. Questions & Suggestions
	No questions had been asked so far.
	If you have any questions or Suggestions feel free to post them in the steiner forums
	at http://forums.smg-modding.com or on http://www.petroglyphgames.com/forums in the 
	tech support section. We'll answer your questions there.

License & Copyright
Picture and Sounds are taken from Petroglyph, thank's to Kevin Yu for allowing it's usage.
Launcher was programmed by Mike_Ho from the SMG. RazielKanos, as repesentive from the SMG
holds all rights to this launcher. Modification is not permitted. Feel free to spread the
launcher wherever you like, as long as you don't take money for it, and this readme get's 
NOT removed.

Happy Holidays and Merry christmas to all of you!

Raziel Kanos & Mike_Ho

December 2006

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