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Land Skirmish map 1V1. There are no Screenshots.


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Land Skirmish map 1V1. There are no Screenshots.

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Planet: Hoth
Time Period: TESB
Support: Land Skirmish 1v1

Author: Tokakeke

Yeah, there have been a lot of hoth maps, but this one is extremely accurate imo. Rebels have their "rendezvous point" with grounded X-wings and pilot, even transports that you can fly around (or shoot down). Transport 2 is away! Yayyyyyyyyyy! Empire has about 30 squads of troops, rebels only about 15, but those snowspeeders can really be useful...

Known bugs:

- Units can go inside the huge canyons. I was going to fix this (steep passability ftw), but then I realized the units, when getting out of these canyons, shot out of them like they had jetpacks on, and I thought this would be too hilarious to fix. 
- When playing as empire, there may be issues with the Fog Of War. Areas in the map may be fogged even though your units are passing through them, and the map may even be black in some areas. Best way to fix this is to go in cinematic mode on the units then pop out of it. 

To install: place this folder in your Empire at War directory.

To play: Make a skirmish game, click Custom maps, click Assault on Echo Base, and enjoy :)

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