Eclipse Inside



Eclipse Inside is a ground skirmish map for Forces of Corruption by _237th_SC_Com_Bly.

The premise of Eclipse Inside is a situation where the Zann Consortium boards the Eclipse while it is under construction. The creator has done a pretty good job at conveying this impression. Unmanned vehicles, indoor props, and other things are used to make sure that the player knows that this map is inside an Imperial war vessel. However, the creator placed some units to start with, so this might mess up games where people are not the Zann Consortium. If the map appeals to you, however, then you should give it a try.



removed the test map structire in team base 1   sensor

this is the eclipse inside when not competed    the zanns are bording the ship to capture it but the empire turned all doors closed    you need to destroy it to fnd your way in the very detailed map    have fun
if someone find a bug please mail mo or post a comment

if you want to use this map too bad    noone is allowed

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