Empire under attack

This mod changes all space battles. It adds the Venator to the empire. It resizes ships, changes health and shields, and changes damage ship...


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This mod changes all space battles. It adds the Venator to the empire. It resizes ships, changes health and shields, and changes damage ships give to each other.

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Empire Under attack (formerly Space wars)

by Barkster

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This mod basicly changes scales of units, health, damage etc. It also increses the population cap
to 85 in space. since im a fan of space battles thats what im changing mostly althoug i have tweaked
 other stuff too.

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V 1.2 change list
	>reduced Y-wings to 4, for balance issues
	>increased mon-cal cruiser scale and damage
	>tweaked Lambda shuttle speed and handling
	>fighters now at scale 0.5
	>decresed ISD limit to 5 	
	>lowered ISD's health to 5500
	>incresed ISDs shileds to 12000
	>decreased number of tie fighters in a squadron to 6, for balance issues
 	>increase income rate in space skirmish at lvl 4 to 550 and lvl 5 to 1100
	>made home-one more durable and incresed sight range
	>changed tie formation =D
	>tweaked AI - made it slightly harder on Hard setting - but it still needs work
	>removed deathstar from skirmish - caused ctds for unknown reason
	>decresased tractor beam range to 350
	 SO FOR NOW TRY NOT TO USE IT! (i was going to remove it until fixed but its only effected sometimes so....)


V 1.0 change list
	>Found bug in tractor beam on ISD's
	>added ISD build limit, to stop spamming 
	>added the Lambda shuttle to empire in skirmish
	>tweaked fighter and bomber healths
	>increased isd health to 10000, was 6000
	>incresed tractor beams power 
	>incresed Venators accurace agains fighters and bombers
	>added Death star in skirmish
	>incresed Deathstar price to 30000 in campaign or wotever

V 0.2 change list
	>Incresed space unit cap to 85
	>All ships rescaled (similar sizes to the Realistic scaling mod) - i was going to rescale fighters, but i can hardly
	 them now :p
	>Added the Venator for Empire
	>Venator now has four laser bateries and spawns 2 V-wing squadrons
	>given venator the power to weapons ability
	>Added emphasis on Rebel alliance not having as many resorces as empire,
	 eg: All Imperial ships spawn huge numbers of fighters.
	>Changed startin units in skirmish
		EMPIRE: 1X Tie squadron
			2X Tartan Cruisers
			1X Venator
			1X Lambda class shuttle
		Rebel:  1X X-wing squadron
			2X Corillian Corvette
			2X Corillian Gunboat
	>Coriliian Gunboat and Corvette shields no longer work while doing uber speed thing
	 Uber speed thing, speed incresed
	>More Y-Wings in a squadron
	>Increased income speed (basicly doubled)
	>All empire ships have a lot more Shilding
	>Most rebel ships have less shilding
	>Can build Venators at pirate space station or at empire level 3 space station
	>Made Star destroyers absolutly huge :D
	>Give star destroyers the power to weapons ability-but it will disable shield for a long period of time
	>increased the corilian corvettes weapon power
	>tweaked Y-wing weapon power
	>doubled Pietts energy weapon power.
I think thats it but could be more, as i did change damage and other stuff for grounds 
battles, but like i said i cant remmember.

If you want a challenge i suggest being empire against 1 hard and 2 easy rebels with no allies


1. unzip to where ever
2. copy the XML folder to C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Data

to uninstall do the opposite of the above...

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Legal Crap]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

You may freely modify theese files and redistribute, you may not however charge for redistribution.
If u do use my mod as a base or what ever please gimme a little credit or cookies...

All comments/feedback/abuse to Dumbasspunk@hotmail.co.uk

Special thanks to:
http://gamesmodding.com/ - for great turorials

ps. i have absolutely no idea how to spell corillian :$

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