Endor Attack

Endor Attack (Space) is a space skirmish map for Empire at War meant to be used with A Galaxy Divided V3. When I first loaded up the map...


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File Description

Endor Attack (Space) is a space skirmish map for Empire at War meant to be used with A Galaxy Divided V3.

When I first loaded up the map and took an overhead look, I was confused. The overhead view displayed nothing on the map. Going in for a closer look, I saw that most of the map was empty. What you have on the map are two fleets, two stations, the Death Star, and a grand total of three asteroids. Blank maps usually aren't very fun and when you have no mines or player markers on the map at all, that reduces the playability quite a bit.

The creator needs to look at the documentation that came with the map editor. This will inform him of what each map needs and some aesthetic qualities that you usually see on maps.

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Now then, this is a map pack of 2 maps ive made. you do need V3 of AGD (a galaxy divided)

Included in the space map:

Endor Planet
DSI (I dont have a DSII at all)
A R lvl 5 Space station and E lvl 5 space station
Tie Fighters, Intercepters, Defenders and Claws
a few SD
Moff Falast and Piett
Home one
a few Mon cal's
a few Corillian Corvetts, Nebulon B Frigates and Assult Frigates
a few B-wings, A-wings, Y-wings, X-wings and Z-95 Headhunters
The Millenium Falcon
a Mercinary spacedock at each base
and 3 destroyable Asteroids in the middle of the map
with you playing it!

Included in the land map:

a small tiny forest with Ewoks on Rebel team
no hills cos i dono how to do em, so no buncker
E heavy Factory (capturable)
R heavy Factory (capturable)
Mon Mothma Hologram
Shuttle Tydirium
R2 and 3PO
Han and Chewie
Scout troopers, no bike
Space troopers (im using them as the Commanders for some reason)
a R and E base with a Shield

Where to put things:
my computer, C drive, program files,Lucas Arts, SW: EAW, Game data, data,|, Audio 
Ship names:---------------------------------------------------------^    |
ted map files:----------------------------------------------------------------^

If you want to change things tell me in the posts section and give credit in the Readme file of your filemod

 _____          /       _____     !
{____!       /          |____     !
{____!     !!            |____     .
  B        Y                E      !

I have got a new EAW files username which is OFPCrazyEAW, but i will still post in maps in the operationflashpointcrazy username. and a little info: my Runescape username is Sir Dave678

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