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This version adds and takes away units. I have added the Eclipse SSD to rebels(yes it is noncanon but the empire already has the DS II and t...


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This version adds and takes away units. I have added the Eclipse SSD to rebels(yes it is noncanon but the empire already has the DS II and the executors) and only one is buildable at a time. I have added a rebel venator with V-wings, ARC-170s and ETA 2s which are in full production. Also, the rebel starbase compliment has changed. the Eclipse SSD has nontargetable, hardpoints, a gravity well generator, and a hangar(yes every one of the mods that have an eclipse usually have a gravity generator)

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Download 'enhanced_foc2.zip' (97.92MB)

Mod: Enhanced FOC
Email: johnathonDII@cox.net
Author: Johnathon Michel
Class: Coder
This mod is for FoC. Not for EAW
Enhanced FOC may be changed to Star Wars: Galaxy at War as some new versions may include alot of new units.
Thanks to Avenger 95 as without his models, this mod would be very hard to complete
Special Thanks to the creators of the music used in my modification (John Williams, Lucasfilm, London Symphony Orchestra, and ILM) 
as their music is the best I have ever seen in a long time.
Enhanced FOC Version 1
Note: this version focuses on the rebellion more
Added Mon Mothma's ship "The Freedom" (The rebel's only version of the New venator)
Enhanced gargantuan 
Balanced Veer's AT-AT.
Enhanced Home One
Added Rebel Command Center
Removed Grand Moff tarkin (As he was dead allready)
Modified Correlian corvette to be only buildable at Correlia (all factions)
Modified Kedable Battleship to be buildable only at Mandalore (all Factions)
Enhanced DS II
Enhanced X-Wing to have a chance against Z-95 MK IIs
Enhanced B-Wing 
Enhanced FOC Version 1.1
Added Super Star Destroyer (executor type) to the empire in full production (any planet with a lvl 5 space station)
Modified Han Solo's smuggling ability
Modified the Millenium Falcon
Enhanced Hutt_Maurader
Enhanced Rebel and Rocket trooper squads
Added 4 rebel infantry squads to Yoda's company
Enhanced Yoda
Enhanced FOC Version 1.5
Changed Rebelllion to The Alliance to Restore the Republic
Changed Empire to Galactic Empire
Enhanced Luke
Infiltrator has stealth, shields, and a spying ability(so it can be like a Clone Commando)
Luke has healing ability and stealth
Yoda has healing ability
Enhanced Airspeeder
Enhanced Emperor
Added Alliance Variant of the victory Destroyer
Added Wookie War Party to Rebels
Enhanced FOC V2
Added Eclipse SSD to the Alliance(yes i know it is non cannon but the imps have DS II and Executor SSDs)(Also, the Eclispe SSD has hardpoitns, fighterbay, and a gravity well generator added to the armanent of its superlaser! they arent ot targetable though but the whole ship is much stronger)
Added Alliance Variant of Venator to the Alliance
Locked production for X-Wing and A-Wing
Y-wing is now affiliated with the underworld
Added V-Wings, ARC-170s, and Eta2s to production for the alliance
Removed missile maurader and added turbolaser maurader with a bit of enhancment
Removed Assault Frigate MK II from production
Added enhanced juggernaught to alliance
Changed compliment of alliance Starbases
Future Versions may require some modeling. If so, I will start recruiting modelers and skinners.
Any use of these xmls against my mod is prohibited.
Installation instructions:
1. open the zip/rar file
2. Copy or extract the main folder to your mods folder (if you do not have one - 
- , please create one by renaming a folder) 
3 click on the "Enhanced FOC mod launch" shortcut.
4. Enjoy the mod.
If you have any questions, please post them here as I check the posting every day.
Bug reports may be posted too or emailed.

Hope you have Fun!

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