Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm is a ground skirmish map for Forces of Corruption (not Empire at War) by bubbleteatroopa. Keep in mind that this map requi...


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Eye of the Storm is a ground skirmish map for Forces of Corruption (not Empire at War) by bubbleteatroopa. Keep in mind that this map requires IG-11's Prop Pack.

Bubbleteatroopa brings us a nice skirmish map for all of us FoC players. Texturing is pretty nice, use of props is decent, and he shows that he knows how to use the height tool with nice hills and rivers. Groves of trees are placed in the corners and a more urban area are nice decorations that really add to the map. One of the bases is on a hill, which will make assaults much more difficult. If you like the premise of this map, then download.

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Download 'eye_of_the_storm_version_1.0.zip' (248KB)

Eye of the Storm v 1.0 ReadMe

by Bubbleteatroopa



      Eye of the storm is a map i made pretty much for fun. It is based around a small kind 

of italian villa type setting, with in the back, a factory. The reason why its called eye 

of the storm, is because in the game there is a lighning storm happening, and everyone has 

deserted thier homes because of a large scale conflict that is taking place (aka you, the 

other side, and the pirates) I have put alot of effort into this map and have put weeks of 

time on this map. In certian places, you can see some small remnants of small scale 

conflicts that have happend. 

Player objectives and such:

      One team starts out on a open hill in a field of lush grass. The other starts out in 

a forested area. Seperating the plains and the forested area is a road. The map itself is 

in my perspective, a medium sized map. I have deliberately made all capturable pads 

skrimish pads, so you will have to send troops over to be able to build stuff. This kind of 

gives it a more realistic scenereo, since you probably cant build a turret without the 

assistance of some troops. This map supports 8 players (or 4 vs 4) online. 

Requirments: Since there is alot of props in this map, i recomend that you either tone your 

graphics down. You dont have to though, im running a core 2 duo, nvidia geforce 8600mgt 256 

mb, with 2gb of ram and windows vista and it runs completely smooth. Also, you may need to 

download ig-11s prop pack to be able to see some of the props in this map. 


Hey, CanadianBorg and i (bubbleteatroopa) now have a site with all our stuff on it! So 

check it out!    http://eawcustoms.webs.com/    (copy into browser)  and please leave a 

comment and rate!

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