FarmerJ1's Space Battle

This map is for EAW and is unknown if it is FOC Compatible.

Both the Imperials and Rebels have a starbase with nearby Nebulas, the ones n...


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This map is for EAW and is unknown if it is FOC Compatible.

Both the Imperials and Rebels have a starbase with nearby Nebulas, the ones near the Imperials are Ion Storms. There are 2 merchant space docks and most of the action will take place in the central stretch.

no real starting advantage for either side, so should be a good map.


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FarmerJ1's space battle


This is for EaW not the expansion FoC.  It has been tested multiple times in EaW and since I don't own or play 
FoC I  do not know if this will be compatibal with that.  It is only compatibal with skirmish battles, single player,
and mulitplayer.

map outline:
Well here is a map that I put together.  it is just a 6 player map 1 base for each team (starts at lvl. 2) and a 
few frigates to begin a battle.  there are pirate construcion yards in the corners and the main battle feild is 
lined with nebulas and asteriods.   The imperials have ion nebuilas (lower sheilds on any sheilded unit that passes 
though) around their base except in the front and back, and the rebs have the same except they are not ion.  

I have only noticed one glitch which is when you control the center of the map, turrets and fighters will fire on 
the center, (I couincidently put an asteroid there, but they are not fireing on that) it is not friendly fire and 
it appears to do no damage to anything.  


Instead of wasting my time on thinking up a story line for this map I decided to put that effort into improving
the maps gameplay.  


if you've already downloaded a custom map than u know what to do.  nothing special about instalation, just drop 
into the CustomMaps folder.

For modding n00bs:

take the .ted file and put it in the following location
you may not have a CustomMaps folder in that location, if you do not then you should make one.  If you do have one 
than just put the .ted file in there.  
(go to "My Computer", then "C:" (C drive) and then go into all of the specified folders from there, Programfiles, 
Note: For a reason unknown to me, at times when you are trying to play a newly installed map, you are unaple to 
start the game.  If this happens just exit EaW and restart it, I have only noticed this happen to people the first 
time they played the map.  


Lucas Arts has the rights to this game as a whole and I only made the map NOT any units or features or
effects and blah blah blah....
You are free to download and install this map for your own uses, playing signleplayer, online multiplayer, 
editing...  Do NOT take credit for any parts of this map for your own.  If you wish to edit this map you 
may, however please state that you took parts of it from mine.  

This map was created using Petroglyph map editor.  

credit for map goes to: 


Contact info:

Although I'm not leaving any contact information here, I will be looking on the comments under my map download 
page on Filefront and even though I will not comment on there eather I will be looking at them and possibaly using 
ideas from any suggestions/requests.

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