FOC Ultimate GC



travel dynamics, not to mention enhanced enemy AI, Now makes GC a rich, authentic and challenging experience.Tactical battles have been rescaled for a more canon aesthetic, but core game play remains intact. Strategic--- All new GC maps featuring the complete Galaxy, and several regionalized areas- The size of the galaxy has been greatly increased, and the distances between planets scaled up signifigantly- 91 new authentic Star Wars planets added, with tactical battle maps, proper planet descriptions and bonuses for each one- All planets are positioned accurately- All planets are scaled down in size, and are scaled authentically according to their approximate size when possible- Authentic trade routes have been added- Hyperspace travel multiplier has been lowered, meaning travel time between planets is slower- Traderoute mulitplier has been increased, meaning trade routes function as space highways (more strategic consideration is required when deploying fleets across space now)- Conquest AI has been enhanced, making the enemy more agressive in its ability to build and mobilize units.- Corruption stink clouds have been removed for aesthetics- Unit icons and labels scaled down for aesthetics- Planet postion changed when zoomed in- Key planets are fortified and occupied from the start in a relatively authentic wayTactical--- All tactical space objects have been rescaled smaller and made as close to canon as possible- All space lasers have been marginally reduced in strength making shields and torpedos more effective- 73 new tactical ground maps for the new planets- Several new tactical space maps- Enhanced tactical camera for land battles now has full pitch control for better viewing angles- Enhanced AI


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