Galactic Resurrection: Republic Troopers

This Mod is for FoC.

This Mod adds in numerous "Clone Wars-era" Republic units.

Unit List: Empire- Clone Trooper...


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File Description

This Mod is for FoC.

This Mod adds in numerous "Clone Wars-era" Republic units.

Unit List:

  • Empire- Clone Trooper Phase 1
  • Empire- 501st in Phase 1 armor
  • Empire- LAAT
  • Empire- AT-TE

Other Changes:

  • Added in splash screen
  • Added in the LAAT as a transport for the clones only
  • Added in icons for clones and laat
  • Added in text for clone and laat units
  • Added in sounds for clones and laat
  • Added in projectiles for clones and laat
  • Added in icons for AT-TE
  • Added in text for AT-TE
  • Added units into skirmish
  • Added in 501st as land heroes
  • Modified AI

This mod is built on Avenger's ISD Vs Venator Mod so all additions and changes from that mod are included in this one.


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Galactic Resurrection: Republic Troopers 
Done by Sgt. Hicks
Base mod by Avenger - ISD VS Venator 2.1

[What's new in V1.0]
-This unit list plus Avenger's ISD vs Venator

-Unit List:
-Empire- Clone Trooper Phase 1
-Empire- 501st in Phase 1 armor
-Empire- LAAT
-Empire- AT-TE

-Added in splash screen
-Added in the LAAT as a transport for the clones only
-Added in icons for clones and laat
-Added in text for clone and laat units
-Added in sounds for clones and laat
-Added in projectiles for clones and laat
-Added in icons for AT-TE
-Added in text for AT-TE
-Added units into skirmish
-Added in 501st as land heroes
-Modified AI 

Some other tweaks were done to the units as well but unecessary to list

Install Instructions:
1. place GR_RepublicTroopers folder in your mods folder then
2. Just place the bat file in the Forces of Corruption folder where swfoc.exe sits
3. The double click the bat file to run the mod

All credit must be given in order to use.

Phase 1 Clone Trooper Head: creator of the head
Prime -for the clone mod from which the head comes from

Phase 1 Clone Trooper Body Original Model and textures by Shalokran
Model Touch-ups by Sgt. Hicks
Rigging and animating by Sgt. Hicks

Special Thanks to Vaders Legion for doing some coding work

The wonderful Bailknight for his work on the LAAT 

Also a big thanks to Avenger for allowing me use of ISD vs Venator mod and the AT-TE

The clone troopers are available for use by other modders as long as all credits are given to Galactic Resurrection, original authors of models and textures. Check back for updates at

#######################  Base Mod Notes  ############################

ISD vs Venator V2.1 Final Notes

This mod adds several new space units and improves the existing ones. ISD and Venator are equipped with tracking turrets. New models are high quality conversions from EvilleJedi's Warlords pack, some of them were extensively modified by me.
Have fun!

[What's new in V2.1]
- new unit: V-19 Torret - starfighter exclusively carried by Acclamators, armed with laser cannons and concussion missiles; ability: folding airfoils (w/animation)
- ARC-170 bombing run added
- ISD right hardpoints' firing arc fixed
- new custom projectiles for turrets in space
- re-arrangement turrets on Imperial I-class SD
- new model for ion cannon turret on Imperial I-class SD
- Victory-class SD's scale adjusted
- other minor changes (improved models, balance and realism tweaks)

[What's new in V2]
- new units:
* Imperial I-class Star Destroyer - iconic Imperial destroyer available at tech level 3, Admiral Thrawn's warship
* Venator (old Republic variant) - buildable by all sides in skirmish, requires merchant docks or Hutt's outpost
* Eta-2 Actis - light unshielded starfighter armed with laser and ion cannons; abilities: lock s-foils (w/animation), ion cannon shot
* ARC-170 starfighter - heavy assault fighter armed with 3 laser cannons (2 front, 1 rear) and proton torpedoes; ability: lock s-foils (w/animation)
- full skirmish/multiplayer support
- significally improved UV maps for Star Destroyer model
- remodelled Venator turrets, improved its UV maps
- Acclamator fires the same blue projectiles as Venator and carries V-wings and ARC-170 starfighters
- custom names for Venator and both variants of ISD
- moving turrets work slighly better now
- V1's Imperial Star Destroyer renamed to "Imperial II-class"
- some minor balance tweaks, bug fixes and graphical improvements

[Mod features in V1]
- new models for ISD and Venator
- Venator buildable by the Empire in GC
- new custom projectiles for Venator (blue turbolasers)

Mod built by Avenger
Coding, scripts, icons, model and texture modifications by Avenger
Great thanks to EvilleJedi for making the following stuff: Imperial I-class and Imperial II-class Star Destroyers (model), Venator (model, skin), ARC-170 (model, skin), Eta-2 Actis (model, skin), V-19 Torrent (model, skin)

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