Galaxy At War Mod

Galaxy at War is a realism mod for Empire at War only, by FighterpilotX.

Whilst making no changes model or texture wise, this mod changes...


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Galaxy at War is a realism mod for Empire at War only, by FighterpilotX.

Whilst making no changes model or texture wise, this mod changes several things in the gameplay. The action is faster paced, and the AI seemed more agressive to me, and also more cunning to me. Units are correctly scaled, and the stats for units are completely redone. In GC, there are now new ways to influence your income stream, and certain ways work better on different planets. You have to think more tactically in both Galactic mode and in battle. I found only one problem with the mod, and that is that hero units have not been recaled, and possibly not edited at all.

The author says that this mod can be used by anyone in their mod as long as they mention it in the readme.

In the end I can say that this is a quality mod. I love it. Its definately worth the download.

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Galaxy at War v1.1

This mod aims to improve realism in Star Wars Empire at War.

V1.1:Fixed a serious bug that causes game crash


*Space Battles*
-Reworked all spaceship stats for a WWII style combat since WWII battles resemble the battles of the starwars movies
-Quicker Action
-Difficult Battles
-Correct Scale
Fighters:fast and manouverable.Almost no shield and little hitpoints.Used against bombers and fighters.Vulnerable to Corvretes
Bombers:Fast(not as fast as fighters).Extremely Vulnerable(Escort at all times). Proton torpedoes fire at very close range.One shot One kill against enemy hardpoints.
        Use against Frigates and Capital.
Corvetes:Lightly shielded with little hitpoints.Ideal to destroy fighters and bombers.Vulnerable to larger ships
Frigates:Good Shielding and strong hull.Use against enemy corvetes.Vulnerable to bombers,capital
Capital:Heavily Armed and Armoured.Ideal to defeat frigates,corvetes.Vulnerable to bombers
Space Stacions:Can defeat almost enything.At bigger levels use a large force to defeat it

employ carefull strategy at every battle or you will lose.Be patient!Adjusting to a new style of battle is not easy.

*Land Battles*
-Reworked unit stats
-Quicker Action
-Epic Scale(Over 45 soldiers per unit)
-Realistic Transport Scale
-Realistic Attack Distance and FOV

When in ground battle try to use ambushes and exploit as well as you can the bombing runs.Turrets are verry powerfull.

*Galactic Economy*
__________New sources of income_______
Science and Technology
__________Economical Units_________
Many planets have an extra income bonus from one source of income.Read the history carefully, look at the planet terrain and try to see what source of
income is best to built on a planet.

History-->spaceport:  Trade
History-->Mining:     Mining
History-->Scientific Content, Starship Plans: Science

You may build multiple sources of income in a planet.

Don't overdo it with economical units,they give income but cost population points.

Put the XML and TEXT folders in your Star Wars Empire at WarGameDataData directory.

_________Modding Resource_______
This mod is also a modding resource, anyone is free to use it for their mod as long as they mention it in the readme.
Thanks to Petroglyph and LucasArts for creating such a good game.

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