Helska IV



Helska IV is a ground skirmish map for Forces of Corruption (not Empire at War) by DarkTrooper9847.

It's always good to see creative maps. DarkTrooper delivers that dose of creativity with some interesting ideas. One idea is that a good map has no height variation. Another is that bland texturing looks good on a map. Now this is one of his earlier maps, so let's not treat him too harshly for these unintentional oversights. He also seems to have been aiming to make the map simple, if the readme is anything to by. If you like a simple map that is filled with units and structures, then you'll have fun with this map.




another "new" map by me (although it was made a while back),
 but it was made before all the rest in my first
map pack. I just didn't include it. Of course it has, again a whole
bunch of crazy things that don't even belong, such as a rancor, 
and lots of indigenous units on an icy world that is supposedly 
uninhabited. This map is still relatively simple, not counting all the
extraneous units and debris and armed with many hostile forces that 
add a little kick into it.

Helska IV is a mysterious planet at the very edge of the galaxy. 
imperial and rebel/consortium forces are fighting for control to 
establish a base planet for extra-galactic exploration. (n-canon)

expect to find: 
multiple pirate outposts
many pirate and hutt units
tusken raiders
red guards
a few hidden surprises
crashes from exploration teams 
and more.

be wary...this place reaks of the dark side

installation: extract the TED file Helska IV and put it in
C:ProgramFilesLucasArtsForces of CorruptionDataCustomMaps

If u do not have a custommaps folder, just create one in the Data 
folder of FOC

same AI problems-tend to not use the credit sources.making them easier
than they should be.

please report any other things u notice! thanks!


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