Ice Valley



surrounded by two steep mountain ranges. There are few mineral processors here so your income is slow.The two steep mountain ranges houses the two opposing faction's bases.Keep close watch of your power generator for it is outside of your base perimiter and it must be protected to keep your Communications Array and your two perimiter turbolaser towers working. The best strategy to use on this map is to create a defensive line along your base perimiter (a very steep cliff with 2 or 3 small entrances) and use small units (e.g. a squad of soldiers) to gain territory and capture the map's few mineral proccessors (the small mining facilities). Then attack your enemies base using artillery and fast attack units (Small walkers or hover tanks, Speeders, or some soldiers). Keep your heavy units behind your attack force to defend your artillery or to quickly backup your frontal attack units if enemy units make a counter-attack.Watchout for enemy arillery, you have no shield protection (except for the Rebel's MDUs) and they may use them quite often. Their artillery can quickly wipe out your defences if you don't deal with them quickly enough.


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