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New Version of Imperial Space Addons by Darth Binare


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New Version of Imperial Space Addons by Darth Binare

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This is the Imperial_space_addonsV2 by Dave White

sorry about my long absence. I was attending to family matters. Well, here is a new version of Imperial_space_Addons. 
some changes:
The Sith Warship now has an energy Beam weapon that instantly incinerates corvettes and gunboats, and cause great damage to capital ships.
The Sith Warship's tractor beam is now stronger, can hit capital ships, fighters, and has a large range.
The Imperial Landing Craft now have better sheilds, armor, and speed. 

To install, extract the XML files to Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at 

extract the alo (model file) to Data\Art\Models

extract the DDS texture to Art\Textures

extract the MasterTextfile to Data\Text

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