Improved EAW Mod

This Mod Expands upon the groundwork layed in his Earlier Mods... Foshjedi2004


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This Mod Expands upon the groundwork layed in his Earlier Mods...


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Improved EAW Mod 1.3 for Star Wars Empire At War
By Dylan Hunt1

added files/folders:



paste the XML folder in your gamedata/data game directory
paste MasterTextFile_English into your Text folder. ( Make backup of your old file )

Better don't mix this mod with other mods !

What this mod does:

1. 1 Hypervgun per Planet allowed. Increased shoottime, Increased damage
2. Rebel space taktical units reduced to 20.
3. Increased planet population capacity
4. Increased Piets energy weapon range from 800 to 3000, decreased rechargetime
5. Increased Starbase credits value in skirmish
6. Added Venator to skirmish
7. Increased Piets Stardestroyer speed.
8. In skirmish mineral extractors have shields.
9. Changed Interdictor lasers to Turbolasers
10. Changed Venator lasers to Turbolasers
11. Changed Venator Ioncannons to Torpedos.
12. Marauders and Broadsides are now Torpedocruisers. ( Increased Shield, hull and speed. it launches 2 Fighters )
13. Decreased shield refresh rate of nebulon and assault frigates.
14. added shields to long range scanners and empires gravity station.
15. Increased Venator shields and scale
16. Increased Opi wans and palpatines venator shields and it spawns more fighters and bombers than the normal venator.
17. Increased buildcost and time for normal venator.


marauder and broadside fires with torps on fighters too, because of that, it launches 2 fighter squads
the fightersquads of marauder and broadsides were not lauched at the ship, they apeare at the middle of the map. i dont know why

Improved EAW Mod 1.0 - 1.2 included in this mod !

Improved EAW Mod 1.0

1. All Ships and bases have a bit more health and shield
2. All Planets have 8 Groundstructures and can have Starbase 5
3. Torpedos and Missles have to get through shield first befor they damage a ship ( increased damage of this weapons )
4. Rebels have Hypervelocitygun too ( not so strong then the empires // have to get through shield first befor it damages a ship ) ( ingamename is still ioncannon )
5. Added Venatorclass Cruiser to the game ( Rebels launch 1 X-wing, 2 Y-Wing, 1 A-Wing, 3 V-wing // Empire launch 3 Tie-figher, 1 Tie-Bomber, 4 V-wing )
6. Hypervelocitygun dont need special structures to be builded.
7. Increased Credits Value of all Planets a bit.
8. Decreased the damage of Marauders and Broadsides.
9. campaings_singleplayer.xml is the one from Aves Map Pack v.2, (changed Rebels startplanet from Yavin to Hoth) (Aves made a good work with that)
10. All Capitalships can be build everywhere


Improved EAW Mod 1.1

1. Increased damage of Hypervgun ( Rebel and Empire )
2. Decreased Empires Hypervgun shoottime
3. Tie-Fighters and Tie-Bombers can be build in Starbase now.
4. V-Wing can be build in Starbase now. ( Rebels and Empire )
5. Homeone has a fighterbay and is a bit faster. ( spawn: 3 Xwings,2 Y-Wings, 1 A-Wing, 2 V-Wings )
6. Replaced Nebulon-B with Advanced Nebulon-B ( has more shield, hull and a fighterbay, spawn: 1 A,V,Y,X-Wing )
7. Removed gameintros


Improved EAW Mod 1.2

1.Increased scale of Mon Calamari Cruiser and Imperial Stardestroyer
2.Increased shieldpoints of Capitalships
3.Decreased Adv.Nebulon-B Fregate scale
4.Decreased Acclamator scale
5.Increased Victory and Interdictor scale
6.Decreased Tartan scale
7.Increased Homeone scale
8 Increased Credits of Planets
9.All Planets can habe 9 Groundstructures
10.Increased Credits cost for Capitalships
11.Empire needs Starbase 3 to build Venator
12.Piratebase spawns Victory Stardestroyer
13.Increased Victory Stardestroyer shields
14.Empire Ground Advanced Vehicle Factory dont need special structures to be builded.
15.Rebels are no longer able to attack the ground without destroying spaceunits in orbit.
16.Piets Stardestroyer is stronger now. (more hull and shields) It launches 6 Tie-Fighters and 3 Tie-Bombers
17.Starbases Spawn Changed:


1: 5 X , 3 Y
2: 8 X , 4 Y , 1 Cor. Corvette
3:12 X , 5 Y , 2 Cor. Corvette
4:15 X , 7 Y , 3 Cor. Corvette , 1 Adv.Nebulon-B
5:18 X , 9 Y , 4 Cor. Corvette , 2 Adv.Nebulon-B


1: 5 Fighter , 3 Bomber
2: 8 Fighter , 4 Bomber , 1 Tartan
3:12 Fighter , 5 Bomber , 2 Tartan
4:15 Fighter , 7 Bomber , 3 Tartan , 1 Acclamator
5:18 Fighter , 9 Bomber , 4 Tartan , 2 Acclamator


5 Fighter, 2 Patrol, 2 Frigate, 1 Victory

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