Island Battle



Island Battle is a ground skirmish map for Forces of Corruption (not Empire at War) by dontstopme.

This is dontstopme's second map, and it's pretty good too. The creator opted for a unique look with metal texture surrounded by grass and dirt. If you dig that kind of scenario, then the texturing will definitely appeal to you. Propping is well done. Trees are scattered all around the map, we've got reeds sticking out of shallow water, and some other props to decorate the map. Unlike other maps that we've seen, this map has a skydome and decent water settings. Definitely worth a play.




Island Battle map

E-mail: [email protected]

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!!! Its called "Fight in the Valley" but is "Island Battle" !!!
This is my second map for EAW FOC and my best ever, too.
It´s a simple map with a few little "Islands" connected with some thin ways
and water between them.
There is a problem i can´t fix: People can go through the water.
If someone can make it better and wants to make it better he can, but should contact me
with an e-mail.
Hope you will enjoy it and have fun!

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