It's a Trap!

It's a Trap! is a space map made by amatarasu that effectively creates a larger scale version of the Battle of Endor but with the Zann Cons...


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It's a Trap! is a space map made by amatarasu that effectively creates a larger scale version of the Battle of Endor but with the Zann Consortium involved. This map features several space stations and mines for each faction allowing for a strong start. This map also features starting units for each faction including the Eclipse for the Zann Consortium and the Executor and the Death Star 2 for the Empire. The Rebels also have a fair share of ships to start off with. This map features plenty of open space which removes the use of tactics almost completely but instead encourages a giant battle.

If a grand battle to settle the fate of the galaxy interests you then consider downloading this map.

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EVER wonder ...what would happen....if tyber zahn got REALY pissed off about not being able to participate in the battle of endor?  well wonder no more with my new map: ITS A TRAP!...a really weird trap...

ok so we all know what happened at the battle of endor, what we do not know was that tyber zahn and his consortium was there as well, but that fat guy in the flannel shirt decided to cut him out of the movie! well NO MORE  i will avenge tyber's right to take part in that fateful event!

ok joking aside, yes all three factions do indeed take part in this map. you have the empire, the rebles, and the zahn consortium. ok the empire has there fleet along with the executor and the death star. the zahn consortium has tyber zahn flag ship, the peacemaker, the consortium and there ways with bribery have taken control of a lv 3 empire and reble base that spans units to aide the consortiums efforts... oh and the eclipse...the eclipse is somehow there too.  the rebels......well they have the Home One and sundred heart, alot of ships..but no super weapon.
this map is made to make an epic-long-lasting battle. there are many mining facilities for each faction to earn lots of money fast! the map is well balanced so that no one faction has the upper hand. originalaly I made this map for eaw, but i modified it for use of the zahn consortium in foc. so don’t be fooled by the 2 teams when u start the skirmish map. rebels should always be on team two empire and zahn will be on team one...dont worry its every faction for himself, i tested it with every faction and it works to perfection. now you have the rebels, the empire, and the zahn consortium all trying to kill each other

Ok for installation, open up your program file’s menu, click on the file lucas arts, then open up your foc folder, data, then custom maps and place the map file in the custom maps folder. And that’s it! XD u are now redy to play IT’S A TRAP!... a really weird trap……

However I do recommend playing this map with the ACM 2.4 mod or z3r0x's FoC Addon (V3.5) mod… these mods really enhance the game play experience

This map is not made and definitely supported by Petroglyph

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you can e-mail me at [email protected]

I would love for any one to use this map in your mods, just please notify me and give credit were credit is due. Thank you. ^-^

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