Jeff's FoC (or EaW) Texture Pack

Jeff's FoC (or EaW) texture pack is a texture pack by The_Farseer for use with Empire at War and/or Forces of Corruption.

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Jeff's FoC (or EaW) texture pack is a texture pack by The_Farseer for use with Empire at War and/or Forces of Corruption.

The_Farseer's debut release to EaW Files is a testament to his skill and dedication. He plans on editing or recreating nearly every single texture in Empire at War and Forces of Corruption. Quite an ambitious project for one man, and I wish him luck. Judging from what I can see here, his texture work is something that we can all look forward to. This texture pack improves many of the textures in EaW and FoC while retaining the general feel. If you hated some of the EaW and FoC textures, you should probably check this file out.

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Download '' (24.55MB)


A texture mod for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption


This is a simple mod, which enhances (increases resolution and detail) of many ships and objects in EaW and FoC. Some ships and many objects (and all ground units) are not done yet. I started with the ships that I felt like doing. Re-sizing these textures can be a VERY long process as many of them must be painstakingly hand painted to match (as close as possible) the original texture. Simply increasing the image size and running the 'sharpen' makes them look crappy so to truly be an 'enhanced' texture, the image must be repainted at the new size. That said...some textures have PARTS that are simply re-sizes of the originals but almost every texture included has many areas that had to be re-painted in Photoshop at the new size. Here is a quick rundown of what to expect:

*Fighter textures are the same size (256x256) but have been sharpened and have more detail.
*Specularity channels have been re-worked on almost all ships included, esp. fighters so that things like windshields and steel parts will reflect light as they should.
*Capital Ship textures have been re-sized to 1024x1024 (from 512x512) and have had their normal maps greatly altered so they match the new textures (normal map alpha channels have been re-touched as well to add specularity to selected parts of the sips).
*Teamcolored areas have been changed on many ships just to look my opinion.
*All textures that were 512x512 have been re-sized to 1024x1024 (normal and specular maps as well).
*Some environmental textures have been redone as well (ie: asteroids have been completely redone as well as their 'mining' variants. Starfields and Nebula have been redone).
*Small things I'm forgetting.
*KEEP IN MIND that a very small amount of these textures aren't changed too much from the originals simply becuase the ship's model has bad UV's and/or there was simply no need to change the original becuase it already looked fine.


I will eventuall get to ALL textures in EaW and FoC...but that will take a while. By 'all' I mean every stock texture will be altered (with the VERY small exception of a few ships that look fine the way they are) ie: all ships and land units, environment textures, planet textures, creature textures, blah, blah, blah...


To install this mod, simply place the included folder labeled 'data' in your FoC (or EaW) root directory.

ie:  C:  Program Files  Lucas Arts  Empire at War-Forces of Corruption

If you are asked to merge folders or overwrite than do so (but, as a rule, always back up old files first).


These textures are mine and mine alone. They cannot be altered in any way or redistributed without my consent. Failure to acquire my approval is a violation of U.S. Intellectual Copyright laws and is punishable under them (if you live outside the U.S. than I guess you're on the honor system). To get permission, contact me via PM or at my personal address: jeff AT jefferycheney DOT com

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