Jeff's Projectile and Particle Pack

Jeff's Projectile and Particle Pack is a graphical edit mod for Forces of Corruption by The_Farseer.

If you enjoyed using The_Farseer's t...


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Jeff's Projectile and Particle Pack is a graphical edit mod for Forces of Corruption by The_Farseer.

If you enjoyed using The_Farseer's texture pack, you're in for a treat. :) The_Farseer has redone many of the particles and projectiles in order to make battles look and feel better. These edits range from adding muzzle flashes to certain effects to redoing some ability particles. This is a must have for anybody who feels that the stock particles and projectiles are inadequate. If the words "The_Farseer", "particles", and "projectiles" in a single sentence didn't already send you running to download, then go now! :P

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After years of modding Empire at War, I decided that I'd had enough of the lousy projectile textures that come stock with the game. There was so much potential with the game's particle systems to improve so many things but those oprotunities just weren't properly exploited. This small mod aims to utilize the assets already created by Petroglyph (and a few of my own) to enhance the projectiles in FoC and to 'beautify' the existing particles a bit.
Here is what you can expect from this mod:

*All projectiles (except those that already had them) will now have a 'muzzle flash' effect.
*All projectiles will now explode when colliding with an unshielded unit (except for Ion weapons...which will have an Ion 'explosion' type of effect.
*Projectile-shield collision has a new (and, IMHO, vastly improved) particle effect for all collision instances except for fighter/infantry lasers which were too small to worry about changing.
*No more 'blue' explosions for empire. All explosions are now the default 'fire' color as they are in the movies (this isn't entirely true as the empirial explosion do still have a hint of blue)
*No more 'blue' smoke and fire on dead Imperial ships. Furthermore, *some* fire effects have been re-done and improved.
*Other stuff that I'm forgetting...
*PLEASE BE AWARE that this mod is a small part of my own personal mod in which all starships and units have been re-scaled to accurate sizes. Due to the nature of particle systems, there is no longer a way to scale projectiles by editing the corrisponding XML other words: if some of the new effects look too big or small than I recomend downloading a 'realistic scale mod' but there still may be some discrepincy because those mods don't have the exact scales that mine does. However, I did test these effects on Vanilla FoC and they still looked fine.


Well...seeing as there are only so many projectiles in FoC, there is only so much a modder can do to improve them. This mod pretty much covers all stock projectiles already so future versions (if any) will simply be patches that contain re-touches or other improvemnts on what's already here.


To install this mod, simply place the folder named 'data' into your FoC root directory.
ie: C:Program FilesLucas ArtsForces of corruption


All particles and their corrisponding textures are 100% my own (built off of Petroglyph's originals, of course) and any attempt to use them wihtout consent is punishable under U.S. Intellectual Copyright laws. So don't do it.

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