(JEM)Katarns Trials Part 1

Ok, i know there are no screenshots but that you want some, im sorry but i cant get them uploaded for some reason and my archiver isnt worki...


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Ok, i know there are no screenshots but that you want some, im sorry but i cant get them uploaded for some reason and my archiver isnt working still but V2 will have them.

NOTE/WARNING: You MUST have RETURN OF THE CLONES V4 for this series to make sense and work like i intended.

NOTE: This series is what wouldve happened if Luke had joined the dark side in episode 6 but the emperor died as the DS blew up while Luke and Anakin went planet side)

Series Story: As word of the "Turning" spreads throughout the galaxy all citizens are wrapped in fear. The "Turning" is the beginning of the New Sith Era. This era is lead by the sith lord Palpatine and apprentices Anakin and Luke Skywalker. As the rest of the rebel forces finish off the imperial resistance some imperials that were not at Endor during the fight have come to aid their Sith Lord and also their newly appointed Commander(Luke). With his new fleet Luke wipes out most of the rebels, all except Lando,Han,Chewie,Leia and a few transports full of troops. Now the fleeing rebels go to Yavin IV to seek the help of a newly found jedi knight, Kyle Katarn. As Luke sees the fleeing rebels he tracks them and uses his fleet to follow them. When he gets to Yavin IV he remembers that Leia had an old friend who was strong with the force(said between episodes 4 and 5). Luke quickly sends for backup from Anakin and Palpatine and tells them about Kyle. As they arrive Palpatine and Vader feel the presence of Kyle and decide to try and turn him.

(Sorry for the length of it) Map Story: As Luke,Anakin and Palpatine make their way to the great Massassi temple they sense something more than just Kyle here. This place resinates with the light side but also 2 other strong force users and 3 minor force users.

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Download 'jemkatarns_trials_part_1.ted' (943KB)

Install: place the .ted file in your custom maps folder


This can be played as either side but being empire goes along with the story for this map.

-The wall is suppose to be the temple boundry(part of the wall that seperates inside from outside)
-Wall wont be perfect on account of terrain
-Different textures for inside and outside but may go on opposite side of wall a little
-Naboo palace-made for Kyle as his home
-If vader dies rebs win(cant fix so either kill him last or protect him)

yoden-his assault on echo base map
me-re-texturing the map and adding evil luke,emperor,palace,wall,etc

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