Jesus7Freak's SSD MiniMod

Jesus7Freak's SSD MiniMod is a mod for Forces of Corruption.

This mod adds the various Super Star Destroyers and ships found in Lord-X's...


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Jesus7Freak's SSD MiniMod is a mod for Forces of Corruption.

This mod adds the various Super Star Destroyers and ships found in Lord-X's SSD model pack. This includes the Viscount-class Star Defender, the Eclipse, and the Vengeance Super Star Destroyer. It goes further to add several maps, new sound effects, music, and skirmish edits. All of these minor edits sets this mod apart from other mods that just add in the new ships. If you want a quality mod with your favorite super ships, then you've found it :D

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By Jesus7Freak, Inspired by GOD

	Jesus7Freak's SSD MINIMOD v1.1

This mod puts Lord X's SSD models in game, 
I created this mod for those who don't know how to code, 
or for those who don't have the time to code these models.

Note: these ships have lots of hardpoints.

********v1.1 changes/fixes

*Includes all textures and models, to make the install easier.

*Fixed Ai so that it can build all the SSDs on skirmish or Galatic Conquest.

*Made Ai more difficult on the hard setting.

*Disabled the "The enemy base has been upgraded" announcement for all factions.

*The Viscount, and the Vengeance can be used for orbital bombardent on land.

*Edited out the blue outline for Eclipse, Vengeance, and Viscount Icons.

*Space battle music volume lowered to 60.

*Edited the Track Satellite to not fire at fighters or bombers.

*Deleted the upgrades.xml, so the skirmish space station upgrade times are back to normal.

*Added Galatic Conquest campaign "SSD MM: All FActions/Planets", and restored "Equal Footing" to default.

*Added Multiplayer campaign "SSD MM: All FActions/Planets", and restored "Equal Footing" to default.

*Added countdown timers for Eclipse, Vengeance, and Viscount. 
	When the Ai buys on of these, it will display a build timer telling you when their SSD will be complete.

*Increased price and build time: 
	Eclipse: Build cost - 35,000, Build time - 250 sec
	Vengeance: Build cost - 31,500, Build time - 220 sec
	Viscount: Build cost - 28,500, Build time - 200 sec



*3 New SSD ships, They are so powerful, I added the Retreat_Prevention Ability.

  Empire: Vengeance - 47 Hardpoints, buildable on kuat tech:5 Station level:5

  Rebel: Viscount - 62 Hardpoints, builadable on moncalimari tech:5 Station level:5

  UnderWorld: Eclipse - 60 Hardpoints, buildable on byss tech:5 Station level:5
	(so the game would be some-what balanced)

*Skirmish max credit set at 50,000 for those who want to battle it out with the SSDs right away.

*4 Enhanced Maps

*Tractor satellite working

*New structure: Orbital Drydock Facility (repairs) coding help from z3r0x

*Edited Equel Footing Galatic Conquest, so that Each Faction starts with the required planets
to bulid their SSD.

*If you want to change the music, just replace the the files in Jesus7FreakSSDMiniModdataaudiomusic
				Music file names are:	music1.mp3, music2.mp3, music3.mp3
	Known bugs:

There are a few with the viscount... (Fixed with help from Sidious Invader)

If you find any more, email me at [email protected]

	Thanks and Credits:

Lord X's SSD Model Pack

  eclispe - model by Lord X
  vengence - model converted form warlod pack by Lord X
  Viscount - model by Lord X 

Hardpoint code completely changed from Jediwannabe's code (and was Fixed by Tony) by Me, Jesus7Freak

Improved Vengeance, Viscount, Eclipse Icons, AND Orbital Construction Facility Icon done by 327thStarCorp

Maw Space Station map altered from z3r0x's maw station from V3.5

This mod uses wavs from "Emperor gets a Job" (Look it up on youtube)

ALL code modifcations, SFX sound-additions, text-entrys, and maps by me Jesus7Freak
You MAY use any thing from this mod IN your mod as 
long as you credit ME and the other authors of the above material.

Special thanks to Jesus for giving me this amazing talent, and
to Jediwannabe, for giving me a starting point in coding these ships.
(there is a modded bonus unit in game....)
Jesus died for your sins, believe and have eternal life!



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