Kashyyyk System

This Mod adds in the Planets of Trandosha and Alaris Prime to the Galactic Map


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This Mod adds in the Planets of Trandosha and Alaris Prime to the Galactic Map

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|Completed Kashyyyk System|


The Comleted_Kashyyyk_System.zip includes a german and an english version of 
the modification, which will only add the planets Alaris Prime and Trandosha 
(with new land and space maps :) to the Galactic Conflict and so complete the 
Kashyyyk System.


Just copy the extracted folder into the Star Wars Empire At War\Game Data\Mods 
folder and start it with cks.bat, that should be copied into the 
Game Data folder.

Planet Information

You can get more information on the planets as in desriptions in the game 
on wookieepedia.com

Alaris Prime:


Problems with Trandosha

Please contact me if you have answers to my questions:

 1. Is it possible to enlarge the sandstorm, because the Trandosha map is a bit to big 
    so the storm doesn't cover it totally.

 2. The description of Trandosha was already included in the original MasterTextFile, 
    but apparently there was intended to be a "Production Time Reduction" as planetary bonus.
    I couldn't find out how to include it and changed it to a price reduction.
    Is it possible to reduce the production time?

Contact Information

If you want to use the maps for your own project, or somthing like this, then please 
write me for approval :)

You can contact me by writing an e-mail to: marooned.on.marsATgooglemailDOTcom

I know that my english is bad, so if you find some mistakes in spelling or grammar 
in the game, please tell me.

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