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This is a Mod that makes a number of Changes to the Basic Game Setup. It adds a few new units and makes a number of Graphical and Balancign...


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This is a Mod that makes a number of Changes to the Basic Game Setup. It adds a few new units and makes a number of Graphical and Balancign tweaks to the game.

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Download 'kc_ultimate_mod_2.0_formely_eaw_perfect.7z' (1.6MB)

Hi so for my second mod i made a lot of changes: new units, harpoints, projectiles and other cool things.

<<<<<<<New Units:Rebels>>>>>

1-Wingless Mon Calamri cruiser armed with 6 Turbolasers and 2 Ion Cannons

2-Eta_2 Actis Class Interceptor 4 Per Squadron

3- Kyle Katarn in GC

<<<<<<New Units: Empire>>>>>

1- Executor class Star Drednought armed with 15+ Turbolasers, Ion Cannons And Concussion Missil Lauchers

2- Eta-2 Actis Class Interceptor 4 per squadron

3- Mara Jade in GC

<<<<<<General Changes:>>>>>>

1- Home One has added firepower and armed with 6 turbolasers and 2 Ion Cannons

2- All Ships have a lot more firepower so it's like are really big battle

3- Star Destroyer Is bigger and has more firepower

4- Alliance assault frigate MK2 now Has 2 ion cannons instead of it's 2 laser cannons

5- Venator now has 2 Ion Cannons, 2 Concussion Missile laucher and 2 laser cannons and it spawns v-wing

6- Intro Movies can now be skipped

7- All ships spawn 1 fighter squadron and 1 bomber squadron

8- Air Speeders come now in sqad of 6

9- New and much bigger description for all ships

10- Space Cap 35 for the rebels and 30 for the empire

11- Added Kamino with land and space map.

12- Buitl time 0 Seconds no meaning to wait and like that you have much bigger and exiting battles

13- Every Faction has minimum 1 planet that gives huge amout of credits and pop cap. EX: Empire= Coruscant with 1000000C income

14- Bombing runs are now quicker and more deadlier because a bomber's speed in the atmosphere is over 900km/h

15- Rebel infantry platoon has more units

16- Stromtroopers and Scout Troopers have been made stronger

17- Removed the Corelian Gunboat(If you want it back just open the Space Unit Corvettes file and serach for the Gunboat and change it's from zero 

<<<<<<Graphic Changes>>>>>>

1- Turbolasers are now different in Width and lenght and size

2- Ion Cannons sre now thiner and longer

<<<<<<How to install>>>>>>
Simply put the Xml folder in gamedata/data, the Models and The Textures folders go to data/art and the TExt folder goes to gamedata/data

Credits for The Legacy Of war Team for their Exellent SSD model
Credits for Jediroman_rus for his Wingless Calamari Cruiser Idea

I will be realesing in a week or so the New Republic Star Destroyer. Stay tuned and i hope u enjoy this mod.

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