Legend of the 105th

When Rebel forces swept Mount Tantiss for the Emporer's files, they found a good number of transcripts for old units and legions from Clone...


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When Rebel forces swept Mount Tantiss for the Emporer's files, they found a good number of transcripts for old units and legions from Clone shocktrooper units to the 501st, from ARC raids to the Darktrooper project. One of these holocards contained reports, holos, and communications of the Imperial 105th Hostile Terrain Regiment, under the command of High Admiral Phranx Winssel in space, and General Modenn Hars on the ground. The 105th was stationed on the remote mining world of Aeten II, where they came under Rebel attack. Against overwhelming odds, they staved off the space fleet, only to find a legion of Rebels on the ground that had sneaked down in the melee. General Hars led the meager ground forces to a victory, pyrrhic though it was due to lava runs and Rebel T4-B tanks cutting stormtroopers to bits. After the significant action, the Emperor decided to move the unit to a better planet than a forsaken lava world. The 659th took over Aeten II.

Now stationed on Polus, the 105th began to 'cool down'. However, it wasn't long before the cursed Rebel cells convinced the native Pyn'gani to strike against the garrison. Swarms of murderous Pyn'gani descended upon the base at night, only to be driven back by the new Lancet squadron the unit had been given, and Tie Maulers under the able comand of General Hars.

After the traitorous Pyn'gani had been 'taken care of', the space fleet is attacked by the Consortium, who was fleeing from a Rebel taskforce...that jumps in right behind them! However, the resourceful High Admiral Winssel stuck it to them and defeated both factions.

The Emperor was once again pleased by the unit, and cycles them out to another world. This time, it is to the industrial world of Eriadu, Tarkin's homeworld. On a polluted island in the middle of a toxic sea, they hold base. To no one's surprise, a raid team of Rebels gets across to challenge them. Meaning a field test for the 105th's new SPMA-T artillery. Once again, General Hars proves his worth and leads the Empire to victory.

Satisfied by the 105th's loyalty, the Emperor commissions them for an offensive mission. High Admiral Winssel is to lead their modest fleet against a stronghold on the ice planet Rhen Var to neutralize a communications facility. But they need to get past the space defenses first. Which are very potent. Once on the ground, General Hars is to lead the strike force to the comm array and destroy it. (End of Holo- Written by Imperial Intelligence Scribe no. 121)

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                      Readme for the Legend of the 105th Mappack v 1.0.1
                                   by DarthNerd for FoC

                                           WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  
Maps and notes:
                          AUDIO LOG
Space Aeten II (Defend Imperial Space Station):
           ADMIRAL: Sentries, report.
           SENTRY 1: Sir, nothing to report. All is usual.
           SENTRY 2: Same here, sir.
           SENTRY 3: Ive got something big... no, it's gone. It must've be a sensor ghost, sir.
           SENTRY 4: Nothing to report, sir.
           SENTRY 5: No movement here... no, wait, REBELS! THERES SO MAN... (sound of static)
           ADMIRAL: All 105th Space forces, battle stations! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! 
Aeten II (Defend Imperial Base) 
IMPERIAL OBSERVATION POST: Sir, picking up movement... they're Rebels!
GENERAL: Admiral, we have invaders!
ADMIRAL: General, we have bandits up here! You're on your own!
GENERAL: All 105th ground forces, prepare for combat! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!
SECOND IMPERIAL OBSERVATION POST: General, we have them incoming. Estimate 10 or more tanks, 50 or more infantry, and a speeder wing, and...
Polus (Defend Imperial Positions) 
IMPERIAL OBSERVATION POST: Sir, Pyn'gani locals are inbound, armed, and with Rebel backup! Repeat, Pyn'... 
UNIDENTIFIED REBEL: You're coming with me! (stun blast sizzle) 
GENERAL: 105th ground forces, get your carcasses up and in your gear! Lancet Pilots, get ready! This is NOT a drill! I say that too often...
Space Polus (Repel Attacks by Rebels/Consortium) 
STAR DESTROYER CAPTAIN: Sir, bandits coming in! 
ADMIRAL: Move to engage! 
VICTORY CAPTAIN: Sir, Consortium forces are incoming along the same vector!
ADMIRAL: Allright, then, all units, engage only the... (jamming static)
Eriadu (Defend Imperial Base) 
SPMA-T PILOT: General, we have movement on the SouthWest part of the island. Scanning... (static)
NOGHRI: Sir, the officers are still out here running field tests! We will evacuate them immediately!
Space Rhen Var (Destroy Rebel Space Station)
ADMIRAL: This is Admiral Winssel to Imperial Command. I am in position to attack the Rebel defenses.
COMMAND: Permission to proceed granted, Admiral.
ADMIRAL (clear channel): All Rebel forces, this is High Admiral Phranx Winssel with the Imperial 105th. Stand down, or be destroyed. 
Oh, I almost forgot. Activation code Krill-Usk-Wesk to all Imperial Sleeper cells. 
REBEL COMMANDER: Admiral, you'll never make it past our defenses! We will not surrender!
ADMIRAL: I think we already did. Have you noticed those ships are breaking your formation? Good day, Commander. 
Rhen Var (Destroy Rebel Comm Array)
GENERAL: All Imperial Forces, attack the rebel Communications bases!
(assorted acknowledgements)
General: We will start with the power generators to the...(static due to comm unit frequency interruption)

NOTICE: Included are name files for the Imperial ships to maximize experience as a unit story. They go in THIS PATH: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Empire at War\ GameData\Data 
They do NOT go in your FoC folder, they go in the regular EaW folder. 

Legalities: I did not take the idea of the 105th from anybody. I came up with it on my own. If anybody else used the 105th, I apologize, get over it. However, no one may use the Imperial 105th Hostile Terrain Regiment or any of the maps without MY EXPLICIT APPROVAL. Now enjoy yourself and behave!

Thanks go to:
Selvas_Selokanas for beta testing
Good ol' George 
And who put untold hours of work into this? DO you know how much TIME it takes to write 6.58 KB of TEXT?? AND THATS JUST THE OAFING TEXT!!! 
                      please excuse my rantings. ;)

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