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EAW Map Preview Generator allows you to create previews of your custom made maps by taking a screenshot of them in the editor. They will the...


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EAW Map Preview Generator allows you to create previews of your custom made maps by taking a screenshot of them in the editor. They will then appear on the loading screen of your map. Some of EAW MPG's features are:

- automated window detection and control
- dedicated image processing algorithms
- shortcuts to all your EAW/FOC games/editors
- auto image conversion from .bmp to .dds (See note)

All that is done by a few mouse clicks.

Please refer to Readme.txt for more information.

Note: You will need the Nvidia DDS Utilities, free to download at

Troubleshooting (Kudos to Mr. s for some hints):
- Capturing images from the editor is dysfunctional on Windows 10. The mechanism was developed for and tested on Windows XP. It MAY still work with Windows Vista, 7, or 8. Otherwise, please use the "Load image from file" option as described in the Guide
- "Scan for installations" will not locate the Nvidia DDS Utilities for the (current) version 8.31.1127.1645. Please select it manually
- If EAW MPG cannot identify a running editor, try starting it with administrator priviledges
- A map name that starts with the underscore character (_) might cause problems when capturing from the editor. Please rename the map (at least temporarily)

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Download '' (675KB)

Readme for EAW MPG v1.0 by soong101

1) Introduction
2) Installation
3) Contact
4) Disclaimer

1) Thank you for downloading EAW Map Preview Generator. This tool will provide you the possibility to create previews of your custom made maps and automatically capture, convert and save them by a single mouse click. 

Note that you need Nvidia DDS Utilities in order for EAW MPG to work. DDS Utilities is free and can be obtained from this source:

Of course, you may experiment with EAW MPG, but I strongly recommend you read the Three-Step-Guide provided in this zip file. It includes a short but detailed description with pictures necessary to receive optimal results.

If you encounter problems, please read FAQ.txt, also included in this zip file. If you don´t find your answer there, contact me.

2) Extract in any directory you like to. You can use your EAW installation directory, but you don´t have to.

Before starting eawmpg.exe the first time, install Nvidia DDS Utilities - in any preferred directory. As with EAW MPG, their are no restrictions.

On first startup, EAW MPG will scan your disk for available installations. Please check the "Paths" panel to make sure EAW MPG has found all installation. If not, you can manually set the paths. Do that by selecting the installation´s .exe file in the file browser that pops up (e.g. sweaw.exe for the main game).
You won´t have to do this on every start since EAW MPG saves your settings persistently.

If you install an editor or DDS Utilities after the initial start, you can always update EAW MPG by using Tools > Scan for installations or by manually entering them on the "Paths" panel.

3) If you have questions, requests, ideas or simply comments, don´t hesitate to contact me via email: soong101(ad)web(punctus)de 

4) Disclaimer

Use EAW MPG at your own risk! I´m not responsible for any damage or harm to your hardware, software or yourself occuring through the use of EAW MPG.

Last update: June 02, 2008

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