Marpanthos IV

Marpanthos IV is a space map based over water and islands. This map is the first of its kind that has been released. It includes water and i...


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Marpanthos IV is a space map based over water and islands. This map is the first of its kind that has been released. It includes water and island models, a new skydome and some XML's. Also the files can be used for your own projects if you credit Enceladus, Codeuser(see Read-me for specifics) and contact Enceladus by email. Any future projects by Enceladus will always be available in the EAW and more members only section so check it out here. If you open the map in the editor or the game and the water is green make sure the shader is in the data/art/shaders folder. The map editor has this weird bug where it deletes newly added shaders. You may have to extract your shaders or take them from the source files and throw them in you Shader file(plus throw in the shader) this helps. Post if problems persis, if using mods throw the shader in the mods shader folder.

Enjoy the map.

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Marpanthos IV
By Enceladus
Assisstance from Codeuser

This is a space map based over the water.  This map is based at sunset. 
It has islands, palm trees, water and a new skydome.

1 Read-me
1 Map(.ted file)
3 Models(.alo files)
2 Textures(.dds files)
2 XMLs(.xml files)
1 Shader(.fx file)


To install go to your default FORCES OF CORRUPTION directory. Open up the data folder.
Place the XML document in the XML folder at this point. Say yes to replacing the files.
No go to the ART folder(which is in the DATA folder). Place all models in the MODELS
folder. Place all DDS(texture) files in the TEXTURES folder. Place the shader file in
the shader folder(warning each time you use the map editor the shader will be deleted
so you must replace it; just a map editor bug) Place the .ted(MAP) file in your 
Custom Maps folder. You can now play the map. 


Map- Enceladus
Coding- Enceladus(thanks for the lessons Code)
Skydome- Enceladus
Skydome Model- Petroglyph
Island Model- Codeuser
Water Plane- Codeuser
Shader- Petroglyph/Codeuser


-Depending on your computer, the palm trees may flicker 
-MAP EDITOR BUG: Each time you use the editor it it will delete the shader file


If you are to use these in a mod or map that will be not just used by yourself
you MUST credit me Enceladus and Codeuser and 
you MUST also notify me via PM or email at .

You can not modify, change, re-distribute or re-upload these files.
I reserve the right to have any uploaded files 
with my conent(same goes for Codeuser's content) included inside them DELETED.
Redistribution without our EXPLICIT CONSENT is strictly forbidden and prohibited. 
You are using these at your own discretion, 
if you break your game Codeuser and I cannot be held responsible.

Extra Information:

For advanced updates and downloads on anything by me, 
Enceladus; please register at EAW and MORE and look
at the members only section.

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