Midnight Battle on Taris

Midnight Battle on Taris is a map created by japaneseguy to bring his vision of Taris to life that japaneseguy has had since japaneseguy f...


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Midnight Battle on Taris is a map created by japaneseguy to bring his vision of Taris to life that japaneseguy has had since japaneseguy first played Knights of the Old Republic. This map features the Empire based inside a Taris city and a Rebel base placed in the snowy foothills along the outside of the city. The map has been well done. The texturing is fairly well done and the author has made a good effort to make the height of the map dynamic. The mountains are shaped nicely and the trees are precisely placed. The map also has well done environment effects that make you think you're raiding an enemy base in the middle of a night during a blizzard. My only main grievance about this map is the relatively small playable size of the map.

This is a great map to have a short lasting skirmish game with big land battles while still being able to enjoy the environment around you. This map allows for two players to clash right off the beginning of the game. Rushing is a vital technique on this map. This map should please some of your skirmish map needs and provide a fun game.

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Download 'midnight_botaris.zip.zip' (74KB)

StarWar Empire at War Modification

Midnight Battle on Taris
by japaneseguy

Description: This map shows my interpretation of Taris and outside the city of Taris. When I 
             first got to Taris on KotOR, I always imagined Taris snowing and a complete field 
             covered in snow outside the city, and this has slight captured the piture in my 
             mind. Anyways, this is my very first map that I created, so it's pretty basic, a
             snowy day on Taris, Empire is in control of Taris and the Rebels have a base in the
             plains of snow.

Installation: Copy "Night on Taris.ted" into 
              C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at WarGameDataDataCustomMaps
              considering you chose the default pathway when installing EAW

Notes (Bugs, Tips, etc.): The Empire might seem to have the upper hand considering that they have
                          control of a big city like Taris, well not really, it might be a lot
                          easier to defend but its a lot harder to attack the rebels. (Tested
                          against Medium AI).

                          Since this is my first map and that I don't have any experience making
                          maps, this map has very little use of the AI Path and Textures. 

                          Sometimes when you quit a skrimish battle and you start another one with
                          this map, It will not be dark and not have snowy weather, instead it 
                          will be broad daylight with no weather and a purplish blue sky. (solid
                          Rebels don't have any starting troops regardless of the option to have
                          them or not. I thought it would make sense if they didn't have any starting

                          Both Rebel and Empire Factions start with Mining Pumps? (The things that
                          give you money). They also start off with build pads.

                          Locals in the middle of the snowy plains aren't too friendly, neither
                          are the wampas that lurk near the cave toward the south.

                          If you play empire, KEEP An EYE ON THE ENTERANCE, those rebel are sneaky
                          and they can slip past you.

Permissions?: You don't need any permission, I didn't use anything that didn't already come with
              the EAW Map Editor, if you wish to edit the map for your own personal use, that fine.
              Want to post the edit version of it on Eawfiles.com or any other site?, just credit
              me. Thank you ^_^

Leagl Disclaimer
I do not hold any copyright toward StarWars: EAW or any StarWars related game, movie, product, etc.

 I might make a new map if this one is well appreciated. 
Thank You for download and enjoy the map.

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