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Mines is a space skirmish map for Forces of Corruption (not standard Empire at War) by Bubbleteatroopa.

Overall, this map was very well done. Each station is surrounded by nebulae and the mines are situated in the middle of asteroid fields. The overlapping nebula effect looks spectacular when using the cinematic camera in the middle of the nebula fields, with a nice white glow at the center. Not only do these props make the map look spectacular, but they also make the players think tactically. Is it better to build bombers and upper tier fighters to take out the corvettes? Should I go for the capital ships and frigates? How should I pass through the nebula fields?

This map offers some great skirmishes, so download it and try it out!



Mines ReadMe  v1.0




Mines(1.0) (before it was mining fields but name changes) is a map based in an astroid field that is being mined by two factions that have a rather large disttaste for each other (aka black sun and hutts). Both teams start off in well fortified base positions, both with merchant docks close by, and plenty of turret positions. One base is surrounded by a nebula field, the other with a "non passable" astroid field. Although the "non passable" astroid field is somwhat passable for small ships, it takes them a long time and they have to fly around until they can find a safe passage through, which in the mean time, you will probably see them and be able to take them out with a few well placed tartans. Howver, if they do make it through the field, they will not suffer any dammage, but it takes them longer to reach you. For the team surrounded by the nebula field, the nebula doesnt slow them down a hole lot, but it does make thier shields useless, same with thier targeting systems. I have attempted to make the sides as equal as possible with the same ammount of turrets and nearby resource pads, etc. 

Now about the two "other" factions. Both factions have bases on opposite sides of the map, both with mining stations and multiple fighter squadrons and just a bit of heavy artillery. although those factions appose each other, they are not just about to go on your side. They will attack if you get to close to thier mines. 

# of players: This map has an 8 player capacity, and is great for large games online, because i tried my best to make it a smaller file size, less than 1 mb.

if you would like to use this map in a mod, please credit me, and tell me if its going to be used because quite frankly, i would like to see if the map ever does make it to a mod or somthing like that :)

Please report any glitches/problems. 

Thanks to ig-11 for the sweet xml props! Its a must download for anyone who likes mapping! 

Anyways, enough with the chit chat. I hope you enjoy Mining fields!  ;)

(o and a late happy christmas)

How to install: Place the Mining Field .ted Files into your custom maps folder.
CustomMaps can be found in
  C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataCustomMaps

If you dont have a CustomMaps folder then make one. 
Note: It must look exactly like this: CustomMaps

if you cant find it in
 C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataCustomMaps
then look in your other drives (such as D:   E:  F:   etc....)

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