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Maps in Map Pack 2: ------------------- 1. Bespin: Cloud City~ A map set in Cloud City. The clouds look a lot less like water and a lot mo...


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Maps in Map Pack 2: ------------------- 1. Bespin: Cloud City~ A map set in Cloud City. The clouds look a lot less like water and a lot more like clouds if you turn your video settings way down. :-P 2. Bestine Shipyards~ A map set in a small imperial shipyard on Bestine. The Empire starts with some imperial guards, and the Rebels are slightly closer to the map's resources than the Empire. 3. Bonadan Wastelands~ A map set in a barren desert wasteland on bonadan. A lot of action always seems to build up towards the middle of the map. 4.Byss Stronghold~ A map set on the Imperial planet of Byss. The Rebels have a magnepulse cannon. To compensate, the Empire gets a whole bunch of indigenous troops. Oh, and it's rumored that a rancor has escaped from one of the many labs on Byss and is now roaming the countryside. 5. Carida Jungles~ A map set in the jungles of Carida. There's an Imperial prison and a cantina on this map, as well as a rancor cave. Fun!

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The Missing Maps: Map Pack 2
This is the second installment of a project I am calling The Missing Maps. I intend to make a land skirmish map for each of the planets that don't have an official one. Each map pack will include five maps pertaining to the project and a sixth bonus map. Although I currently have every intention of finishing this project, I am making no promises that it will ever get done. Real life comes first! :-)

The filenames of all of the maps in this series will begin with a pound sign (#). Bonus maps will begin with two pound signs (##). This is mostly for my sanity's sake, but if you were wondering what they were doing there, that's why.

You can find screenshots and links to the other map packs online at the Missing Maps website: http://home.dejazzd.com/jcthorn/mm/screenshots.htm

*I'm also including a fixed-up version of my Aeten II Mining Facility map from Map Pack 1; All I've done is changed that ugly metal stuff that appears beneath all of the buildings to something that fits the map better.

Bonus Map: Bestine Flood
This map is a remake of the Bestine Shipyards level with a few minor changes. First of all, it's underwater (because the game isn't built for underwater maps, that causes a few minor problems, but the map still works). I've also opened up the ocean floor, totally changing the architexture of the map. The swamp speeder factory has been swapped out for a walker factory and I've added an extra mining facility. It's definitely different from the Bestine Map--try it out.

Extract this file into your Custom Maps folder (Usually found at C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Empire at War/GameData/Data/CustomMaps ). If you have Map Pack 1, it'll ask if you want to replace #AetenII.ted. Say yes.

Known Bugs:
The Bestine: Flood level doesn't like repulsorlift vehicles. They like to float on top of the water--making them pretty much useless. I don't see any way to fix this--just don't use them.

If you find bugs or have any suggestions (as I may decide to rerelease maps at a later date) please post them on this map pack's entry on empireatwar.filefront.com or PM user Authraw on www.lucasforums.com

All maps by Authraw. Feel free to host and play these maps over the internet, but please do not change them in any way.

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