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Basically this mod allows users to add one more faction that will co-ordinate their actions during Galactic Conquest, instead of just defending when attacked. Te new faction will be able to build any structures you code the faction to, it will accumulate credits and use them to build things you allow them to. The new faction will also have the ability to build space stations if coded into your system. They also will have full defensive, and offensive capabilities. This mod will work in conjunction with virtually any other mod, and will sustain a completed faction as long as the AI has enough coding in order to build new structures, etc.



This mod is intended to add another AI into the game, for which faction you add this to is your choice.

- In order to change your factions AI first place the contents of the players file into your FoC players folder,

- After this in your factions folder, or expansion factions folder (depends on which AI, your switching, 
replace the current AI setting (ex.none, or hostile) to the file provided.

- Then in order for the AI to function properly in the galactic conquest folder switch the current AI over to the new
provided one. ex. if you have the black sun pirates as a force on the galactic map then switch their hostile, or none
AI to the one provided. Note: the name of the faction provided in this mod is AI_Player_UnderworldStoryOpponent.

Note: This may impact game play on the story mode, it isn't advised to use this od with the story mode until kinks have been worked out

That's all enjoy!

This mod was intended to be used in conjuntion with almost any other mod, so anyone may use it if they give me credit for the idea
and small amount of coding.


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