Multiplayer Alzoc 3

Multiplayer Alzoc 3 is a GC to skirmish conversion by bubbleteatroopa for Forces of Corruption (not standard Empire at War).

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Multiplayer Alzoc 3 is a GC to skirmish conversion by bubbleteatroopa for Forces of Corruption (not standard Empire at War).

At a first glance, this map looks great because it was the work of the mappers at Petroglyph. (Kudos to them!) Bubbleteatroopa has added the necessary markers for a ground skirmish map and has done a good job on the placement. Several extractor pads, bunkers, and an outpost pad have been added to bring the map up to par with the other ground skirmish maps. Overall, if you've enjoyed playing on the map during corruption missions and want to play a skirmish on it, then you should try out this map!

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Multiplayer alzoc 3

v 1.0

by bubbleteatroopa


This is a simple conversion of the _LAND_PLANET_ALZOCIII_INTIMIDATION   (its part of the forces of corruption storyline) And i have added bases for 2 factions maximum. This map can suppot up to 4 players, and i have added four mineral extractor pads, 1 oupost pad, and I think 3 or 4 capturable bunker pads. Although one of the sides has the outpost pad closer to it, i have put 2 of the 4 mineral extractor pads in the others base. Note that on spawning there are no free units. I made it this way to make it harder to push forward, as the map is quite small. Also i put in 2 capturable reinforcment pads. On one of the sides i added a ramp leading up a cliff for more base positions. This map could be good for a quick, equal battle, for clans, or just for fun. This is just a simple conversion, and nothing more. I have made quite a few maps, and to my knowing it does not have any glitches. If you find any please contact me by leaving a comment. I have a few more maps I am coming out with in the future, so stay tuned. I also have a possible forces of corruption single player to multiplayer map conversion pack. 

How to install: After opening the .zip folder take the .ted file (the one that opens with notepad) and put it in your CustomMaps folder ( it can be found here: C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataCustomMaps). 

Note: If you do not have a CustomMaps folder then make one. It has to look exactly this: CustomMaps or els it wont work properly. Anyways hope you have fun with this new map!

cheers! :D  Bubbleteatroopa

if you want to use this map in a mod or anything (I highly doubt) just leave me credit for the map. Thats all i ask, thanks. Please leave a comment and rate the file, for others to concider downloading in the future.

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