Naboo Forest



Naboo Forest is SWJ345's first map. The map is set in a forest on Naboo during the night. The map features a large Rebellion base and and a smaller Imperial base. If you are playing as the Empire you will have several options to choose from to be your attack path. There is a main entrance to the Rebel base defended by turbo lasers but there is a back route to the base for infantry only. The author of this map did a good job of making the terrain dynamic for the units to walk on. The nature settings are also done in an a good fashion. SWJ345 however does need to work a bit on textures and texture variation. It would also be nice to see some more ground cover, tree and bush props.

SWJ345 did a good job on his first map. This map makes for a fun and fast skirmish game. If this interests you then give this map a download. The author also wants you to supply him with some ideas for a future map or improvement upon this map.



To install this map extract the .ted file to the Starwarsempireatwar/Gamedata/Data/customMaps. If their is no custom maps folder create one.
Known issues:
If you press Ctrl+shift to select all units as the rebels than it will say that you have 2 rebel transports and a shuttle as well as 
your units. I will try to fix it for the next version.

You have my permision to use this map in any mod or map as long as you give me credit.

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