Nebula's of Death

V1.1 of the Map Fixes a few bugs, that were present in V1.

V1 is not required for this to work.


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V1.1 of the Map Fixes a few bugs, that were present in V1.

V1 is not required for this to work.

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Nebulas of Death

Description: The Nebulas of Death map is a multiplayer space battle at kamino with 3 Rebel space stations (1 level 2, and 2 level 3s), 3 Empire space stations (same as rebels), and 22 Pirate space stations (3 level 5 rebel stations, 3 level 5 empire stations, 1 level 2 empire station, 1 level 2 rebel station, 12 pirate asteroid bases, and 2 weak pirate asteroid bases). Each group of pirate stations is inside of a nebula and is surrounded by a large number of pirate ships. Unless you have a very good computer and low graphics settings this map will probably lag.

Things I changed since 1.0: I got rid of the pirate frigates that belonged to the rebels and empire, I replaced the orbital construction pods that the pirates had with neutral orbital construction pods to make getting rid of the pirates in the center more rewarding, I removed all the jedi cruisers that the pirates had and removed the pirate frigates in the center nebula, I replaced the level 5 stations the empire and rebels had with level 3 stations, I added 1 neutral orbital construction pod near the empire ships and 1 near the rebel ships, and I rearranged the ships for both the rebels and empire.

Installation: Put the file called Nebulas of Death in C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Data\CustomMaps and it will be in your list of custom maps when you host a multiplayer space session.

My contact information: My name is Logan Warner, my email address is

More information: The screenshots for this map are actually from 1.0 so they may be inaccurate to what you will see while playing on this map.

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