This pack from QuébecDug or "QD" will allow you to change the space backgrounds, included in this file are a number of new nebulae and a sun. For those that find the backgrounds a bit repetitive this is worth taking a look at.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.



Well met 

Tought of the day : Heresy come from Idleness 

     Nice game but i tought it was missing something in the background. The void of space was getting on my nerves. Without any further tought i charged ahead head on. 

sry no pict, i to my upmost shame couldn manadge to print screen or take anykind of screenshot , AND I TRIED. really strange ....

     This file contains 13 new nebulae and 1 new sun. All textures are 2048 x 2048 pixels !!! Didn't affect much the game ( running on a 4.2 gig cpu, 256 Mb card and 1 gig ram ) 

Note: some of them are better than other tought. No 05 was made using some N.A.S.A. picture ( TKS Hubble ) 

bug : i didn'T find the way for the game engine NOT to repeat the texture. Since it'S applied on an inverted sphere it'll be aplied once on 1 hemishpere and once again on the other half. That'S why i didn'T include my 4 new stars background texture in this version.            

Hope you like them, cuz i sure do 

QuébecDug aka QD


put file in : 


if not there, create folder.

tested with FoC but should also work for EaW

         To Star Wars hardcore fans. Those textures are NOT fluff. They DO NOT represent the space around the planets in the Star Wars universe. So plz no bashing ;)


You don'T need my permission to use them as you see fit. As long as you give me proper credit for the work.

Have fun

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