Race to Base

This is a Race Map..

First person to destroy the base wins...


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This is a Race Map..

First person to destroy the base wins...

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Rase to The Base
Creator: LuigiIII
EaW Online Contact Name: [Reb]LuigiIII (I accept all buddy requests in case you wish to ask anything about the map)

Description: I got the idea for those map while playing a racing game. I thought "why can't there be one base that two teams are racing to to try to destroy first?" So I did the next best thing. I placed the Rebel and Empire base right next to eachother, with their only reinforcement points far away from them. I also intentionally placed the two power generators on the side opposite of the controlling faction. However, the shield will only drop if both generators are destroyed. Also, if you destroy the enemy generator to bring down the shield, your base is open for bombing runs and orbital bombardments. My favorite part, however, is the Pirate Bases. :D

Installation for Empire at war: simply place the file in your Gamedata\data\Custommaps folder.

Installation for Forces of Corruption: This one is just as easy, but more time-consuming. Do a computer search for "foc custommap". When the custommap folder comes up, put the file into the folder.

Restrictions for FoC: The consortium is unplayable. Mirror play is not possible.

NOTE: For FoC, all teams numbers must be one.

Copyright: This map is mine. I made it from scratch. That is why my name is in it. You are NOT to change the file name in any way. 
More Copyright: I do not claim ownership of anything but the map.

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