Realistic Reinforcement Points

This is a small mod for EAW.

It changes the population value each planet is worth, and increases the amount of Reinforcements granted by...


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File Description

This is a small mod for EAW.

It changes the population value each planet is worth, and increases the amount of Reinforcements granted by each landing zone.


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||              Realistic Reinforcement Points v0.1            ||
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Author: Dave (Qui0jinn)
Date: 27/10/2007

This is a very simple mod to fix what I aways found to be
one of the most serious downfalls in the original EAW, which
is that of ground battles being way to limited by that tiny
population cap. (whats the point of attacking Hoth as the Empire
if you can't even land five AT-AT's?)

I've seen that there are a lot of mods already availiable 
that increase population caps, and yes, this is a population
increase mod (yet another) with one subtle difference, I've
also increase the values of the landing zones (Reinforcement 
Points) to allow for a much more realistic troop landing. 

I've found that this simple adjustment makes the land battles
in EAW much more enjoyable (especially desfensively).


Mod Details:

   - Planets can now support 30 units, instead of 10.
   - All reinforment point values have been increased

(told ya it was basic!)



   step 1: Read the Readme, (oh wait, you are...)
   step 2: copy the the two supplied XML files into your EAW
           XML folder*
   step 3: oh, actually thats it =p
   step 4: Have fun!

*if you have never installed a mod before, the you'll find your
 XML folder in C:\program files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\
 GameData\Data. if you do not have and XML folder, then just create



I know, you thinking 'how the heck does one get bugs in something so
simple?!', well you'll be glad to know thats there aren't any 
'Bugs' that I'm aware of, but there are a couple of minor things I
should mention.

 1. at the moment, the reinforcement points still indicate the old values,
    so you just have to to some mental arithmetic (i.e. a point that
    says its worth 3, is really worth 9)
 2. in the Galactic map the planets still only show ten unit slots,
    but you can put 30 units on them, just only 10 of 'em will appear in
    the slots. 
 3. I've only tested this mod in single player Galactic Conquest, It may 
    work for multiplayer, but mesa just dunno.


Legal Stuff:

 - You can use this mod for your own agenda, just mention me in the credits


Contact Me:

- if you have any feedback on this mod (either positive or negative, 
  however, positive is preferred) then just drop me an email at:


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