Realistic Rescale V1.2


v1.2: -Fixed many bugs -Adjusted maps -Adjusted projectiles -Fixed some typos in Text -Added new icons -Adjusted weapons


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v1.2: -Fixed many bugs -Adjusted maps -Adjusted projectiles -Fixed some typos in Text -Added new icons -Adjusted weapons

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Realistic ReScale  by Josh_HLB

This mod is aimed to create the best space battle experience possible in EaW. Units are scaled to star wars canon and
different aspecs of the space battles are changed, such as laser sizes and hardpoint health, to make space battles as real as possible.

To Install: Put the Data folder in your C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData folder
If it asks to replace files just hit "Yes to all"


-Fixed many bugs
-Adjusted maps
-Adjusted projectiles
-Fixed some typos in Text
-Added new icons
-Adjusted weapons 

-Maps are bigger and have bigger planets and less debris!
-Added 3 different SSDs, 2 have heros and better abilities
	~Admiral Zsinj gives a 5% shield bonus to all units, a 15% health bonus and 10% firepower bonus to Iron Fist, ISDs and, VSDs
	~Admiral Piett give a 5% damage bonus to all units, a 10% health bonus and 15% firepower bonus to Executor, ISDs and, VSDs
	~The Lusankya is a cheaper, more generic, yet still powerful, Super Star Destroyer. 
-All SSDs are to exact scale with other units
-Each SSD has there own icon
-Tweaked the SSDs to give a better range and a little less firepower, i said a little. :D
-Each SSD has a proper description
-Adjusted projectile size 

-Ship scales are now smaller and more precise
-Every ship has shield and hull health that is closer to star wars canon
-Projectile sizes and power changed
-Starbases have adjusted Weapons and shields.
-Proton Torpedo does alot of damage but has a 20-50 sec recharge time
-Fixed bug where heros wouldnt move in space
-All starfighter squadrons have 12 fighters
-All bomber squadrons are now "flights" with 4 bombers
-Fixed errors in text descriptions
-Death Clones and hardpoint break off pieces last longer for better visuals
-M. Falcon and ISD have a more crisp texture thanks to Bailknight
-Concussion Missles are faster and more powerful (they can be effective against fast fighters such as heros)
-Cost of Rebel Alliance ships decreased for balance and cost increased for the Galactic Empire
-SSD is added to the Galactic Empire, but it is NOT to scale (see known issues) Special thanks to

V0.1 beta:
-All space units are rescaled to exact Star Wars canon
-Laser sizes and other projectiles are adjusted for better looking visuals
-Added Venator to Galactic Empire
-Venator Scaled to canon
-Venator has proton torpedos and a blue energy beam. (like in episode 3)
-Venator has blue turbolasers (like in episode 3)
-Camera has been changed to see the bigger units and zoom in closer.
-Everything is just bigger and better :D

Game Tips:
This mod adds ALOT of fighters into the mix so it is a good idea to bring along anti-starfighter corvettes with each
fleet. Every squadron now has the correct amount for a squadron, (12 fighters) and bombers now have 4 fighters which
is called a flight. Proton torpedos are extremely powerful in the star wars universe and they are so in this mod too. Bombers 
fire a proton torpedo each (4 for each flight) and it takes them about 40 seconds to recharge. They also cannot penatrate shields
(they can go through ray shields like the one on the death star exhaust port) and they are more manuverable.
Your main priority is to take them out first along with any proton torpedo launchers on ships. About 18-20 can take out
a ISD shield. ISDs are now more powerful than the MC80 weapon and armor wise but the Mon Cal is cheaper and has a quicker
shield refresh rate. Venators are a semi good ship against other frigates but its main role is a fighter carrier. According 
to many sources it can carry 35 squadrons. A big addition is the SSD (Super Star Destroyer). It is very powerful and makes the 
Galactic Empire way stronger than the Rebel Alliance.

Known Issues: 
1. Heros may get stuck in space, only Boba and Solo's ships seem to do this.
2. Small pockets of lag may occur on some systems.

Special Thanks to:

Killajd's helpful beta testing and icon help.

S.W. aka Viscount for helping me get the Venator mod, without that i would be lost.

Super Star Destroyer Model and Skin donated by Star Wars: Legacy of War: check out this mod it looks amazing.

Bailknight for allowing me to use some of his ship textures.
Check out his mod here;62931#Rate


You may not use my mod without permission from me. If you would like to use it for a basis for a mod or to use in a mod
then email me at or my AIM bmxboi2700.

Any glitches/issues or problems can go to my email
Remember this mod is for you guys to download and enjoy so ANY and ALL comments are welcome. i wanna get realism and fun
to be perfect in this mod

Have Fun!

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