Return of the Clones

Return of the Clones v4.3

Fight as the evil Galactic Empire, the corrupt Zann Consortium, or the heroic Galactic Republic!

In an alter...


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Return of the Clones v4.3

Fight as the evil Galactic Empire, the corrupt Zann Consortium, or the heroic Galactic Republic!

In an alternate timeline, the Galactic Republic has been re-formed through new lotal Clones and led by Supreme Chancellor Mon Mothma, as well as Jedi Masters Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

At the same time the Zann Consortium has been busy collecting, reactivating, and upgrading old Separatist weapons from the Clone Wars to build up an arsenal to challenge for control of the galaxy.

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Return of the Clones: A Rebel to Republic conversion V4.3
by Darth Windu

This mod replaces the Rebellion with the Republic for FoC, and replaces a great deal of the Zann Consortium.
This is the sequel to the V1 series of RotC, which was only for EaW.

Why? Because I could mainly, but also because I love the Republic.

1. Republic - added new sounds for Republic Dreadnought

2. Zann Consortium - added new sounds for Battledroids and Super Battledroids

3. Miscellaneous - included all fixes for v4.2

1. Republic - removed SPHA-T, replaced with MPTL Artillery
            - added ability to build Phase 2 (revenge of the Sith) Clone Troopers

1. Republic - added IFT-X Hover Tank
            - new Clone Trooper skins for Urban and Volcanic environments
            - added Clone Commandos
            - ARC Troopers changed to a strategic unit

2. Miscellaneous - fixed Green lightsabre bug for Jedi Knights
                 - fixed bug where Jedi would appear in a transport in space battles
                 - added correct models for Golan 1 and Golan 3 stations

1. Republic - added UT-AT
            - added BARC Speeders
            - added Jedi Temple, can only be built on Yavin
            - added Jedi Knights (fly Jedi Starfighters in space)
            - new Clone, ARC Trooper, Clone Commander models
            - new ARC Trooper icon
            - new sounds for all Clone units
            - added Kyle Katarn as a Jedi Knight hero
            - added 'Beta' as an ARC Trooper hero
            - Luke and Obi-Wan fly Jedi Interceptors in space
            - new Republic Attack Cruiser model
            - modified skins for the Republic Assault Ship and General Dodonna's "Freedom"
            - AT-TE's now have an ambient sound whilst moving
            - added autofire support for Republic Attack Cruiser, Republic Assault Ship, Republic Dreadnought, Tantive IV
            - added new 'big' icon for Republic Attack Cruiser
            - edited Naboo N-1 and V-19 icons
            - new Command Bar and planet icons
            - changed to red Imperial icon for landing zones
            - edited all structures to include Republic logo
            - Garm's Juggernaut health halved, population count halved
            - icons, textures changed from Rebel symbol to Galactic Republic
            - gains Dantooine, loses Carida in 'Equal Footing'
            - Starbases over Mon Calamari spawn B-wings, over Fresia spawn X-wings, over Naboo spawn N-1's

2. Zann Consortium - added MTT
                   - added STAP
                   - replaced Droideka model with original FoC model
                   - Battledroid and Super Battledroid now healed by repair facility instead of bacta tank
                   - All Corruption missions fully fixed
                   - added Gizor Dellso, a Geonosian hero who has allowed the Consortium access to the old Confederacy equipment

3. Empire - added Prince Xizor hero. Able to remove corruption at 25% less credits than any other hero
          - added Prince Xizor's "Virago"
          - added Imperial Sniper unit
          - Mara Jade's Shuttle more powerful, better shields, more armour
          - original Death Star re-enabled, Death Star II now more expensive
          - corrected all voice sounds for Captain Piett's Executor
          - Thrawn 'removing corruption' sound changed from Rebel to Imperial
          - gains Carida, loses Dantooine in 'Equal Footing'

4. Miscellaneous - fixed various text entries
                 - mining facilities now restricted to Alzoc III, Bespin, Kessel, Mustafar, Polus, Thyferra
                 - mining facilities now cost 1500 credits each, but add far more credits than before
                 - re-enabled original EaW single-player campaigns
                 - fixed Alderaan land graphics issues
                 - fixed various hero abilities in relation to new units

1. Republic - replaced Phase 1 Clones with Phase 2 Clones, Kashyyk Troopers, and Marines
	    - removed AT-RT
            - removed UT-AT
            - re-skinned Swamp Speeder troopers to appear as Utapau clones
            - replaced Garm Bel Iblis' 'Gargantuan' with modified Juggernaut
            - ARC Troopers now come in suqads of four, twice as expensive

2. Zann Consortium - removed MTT
                   - added transport ability to Snail Droid
                   - removed STAP
                   - Defiler more expensive, slightly less useful

3. Empire - given control of The Maw in GC

4. Pirates - added back into the game
           - added 'Ugly' Fighters
           - added Skipray Blastboat
           - now control Nal Hutta, Tatooine, and Atzerri

1. Republic - added Phase 1 'Attack of the Clones' style Clone Troopers as the main Republic infantry.

2. Zann Consortium - added Diamond Cruiser, serving as an Escort Carrier in Zann's fleet, Unarmed and lightly armoured,
			the Diamond serves by brigning in Vulture Droid squadrons to assist the rest of the fleet.

1. Republic - added UT-AT. Medium tank, similar to, but less powerful than, the AT-TE.

2. Zann Consortium - all non-specialised units removed
		   - Federation Battleship added. Very large and expensive, but carries an endless supply of fighters
		   - Recusant Destroyer added. Has a large and powerful cannon at the front, but not well armoured.
		   - Munificent Frigate added. Mainstay of Zann's fleet, the Munificent is a poerful general purpose warship.
		   - Hardcell Corvette added. The anti-fighter space unit of the Zann fleet.
		   - Marauder Corvette added. Space artillery unit.
		   - Droid Trighter added. Large but agile anti-fighter craft.
		   - Vulture Droid added. Small and expendable fighter, often deployed in large numbers.
		   - AAT added. Zann's anti-armour land unit. Powerful, but not as versatile as Imperial or Republic units.
		   - MTT added. Large, heavily armoured transport unit.
		   - Snail Droid added. Fast, amphibious droid unit excellent at destroying light vehicles.
		   - STAP added. Light recon unit, slower but better armed than the Imperial Speeder Bike.
		   - Super Battle Droid added. Heavy infantry unit, well armed and armoured.
		   - Battle Droid added. Light infantry unit, decent firepower but very weak.

1. Fixed Clone Commander 'staying in ground trasport' bug
2. Fixed Republic artillery not appearing bug
3. Fixed Droid Tank's lack of model and textures
4. Removed Republic SPMA-T artillery
5. Added Republic SPHA-T artillery
6. Modified installation to make it easier
7. Republic Gunship more expensive
8. AT-RT's more expensive

1. Empire - Darth Vader reverted to as he appeared in EaW, now flies TIE Advanced
          - Admiral Piett put in command of 'Executor', still built normally
          - AT-PT added, same stats as former AT-ST
          - AT-ST beefed up, replaces former M1 Repulsor Tanks
          - M1 Repulsor tanks converted to Imperial Transport. Can carry five infantry squads or two vehicles
          - Lancer Frigate slightly larger

2. Zann Consotrium - level 5 Space Station no longer available

3. Republic - added AT-RT. A light recon walker. Fast and with long sight but weak in combat
            - significantly beefed up Republic Gunship
            - increased range of Venator SPHA-T beam ability

4. Miscellaneous - fixed Acclamator and 'Freedom' invincibility issues
                 - fixed Republic Gunship and AT-AP crash issues
                 - added Alderaan pre-Death Star back into game
                 - included new custom icons for Clone Troopers, ARC Troopers, Clone Commanders

1. Empire - Added Loronar Strike Cruiser, same stats as former Acclamator
          - Added Mara Jade (Hero)
          - TIE Fighter replaced with V-wing at Tech Level 1
          - Broadside Cruiser removed
          - Tartan Cruiser removed
          - Lancer Frigate added, same stats as Tartan Cruiser
          - Acclamator Cruiser removed
          - Carrack Cruiser added. A small light cruiser, the Carrack lacks heavy armour and shields,
            but makes up for this by having a very heavy Ion Cannon armament, bringing down enemy shields quickly
          - Level 6 Space Station available exclusively at Coruscant
          - Lancet Air Artillery removed
          - Juggernaut transport removed

2. Hutts   - Pod Walker (AT-AP) replaced with AAT Tank
           - Swamp Speeder replaced with Enforcer Tank Droid
           - Venator replaced with Nebulon B Frigate
           - V-wings replaced with TIE-Wing and X-TIE uglies

3. Zann Consortium - Nerfed Aggressor special ability, recharge now 60 second sinstead of 10
                   - All Consortium units more expensive and weaker

4. Rebellion - no longer playable

5. Republic Heroes - General Dodonna's 'Freedom', the Republic Flagship
                   - Mon Mothma, the Republic faction leader
                   - Tani Ab'yla, a Republic Intelligence agent capable of assassinating minor heroes. Flies her Intelligence courier 'Shadowclaw' in space
                   - Han & Chewie, flying the 'Millenium Falcon' in space (now blue, as in RotS)
                   - R2-D2 and C-3PO
                   - Captain Antilles' 'Tantive IV' (now blue as in RotS)
                   - Yoda
                   - Obi-Wan Kenobi
                   - Luke Skywalker
                   - Garm Bel Iblis

6. Republic Space - Republic Attack Cruiser (Venator). Now includes destroyable Hanger hardpoint and SPHA-T Beam attack ability
                  - Republic Assault Ship (Acclamator). Now includes destroyable Shield Generator hardpoint
                  - Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser. Very sturdy and powerful mid-sized frigate
                  - Tartan Patrol Cruiser. similar to the old rebel Corellian Gunboat
                  - Republic Cruiser. Corvette-type ship for the Republic
                  - Mon Calamari Cruiser available (only two allowed at a time, only buildable at Mon Calamari)
                  - ARC-170. Large, well armed, well armoured fighter. Can be built and carried by Assault Ships and Attack Cruisers. Can perform a bombing run
                  - V-wing. Advanced single-seat fighter, deploys from Republic Starbases
                  - V-19. Older fighter,  deploys from Republic Starbases
                  - All weapons are blue, except for the ARC-170 and V-wing which fire green lasers
                  - Level 6 Space Station available exclusively at Coruscant
                  - MC-30 Frigate

7. Republic Ground - AT-TE. Largest assault walker for the Republic, comes armed with a large cannon. Deploys Clone troopers as soon as it lands
                   - AT-AP. A useful walker best used for destroying enemy armoured units
                   - SPMA-T. Large, long range artillery. Extremely useful for striking at the enemy so that they cannot strike back
                   - Swamp Speeder. Small, fast, shielded vehicle most useful for reconnaissance and anti-infantry operations
                   - Republic Gunship. Exceptionally powerful air transport unit
                   - Clone Trooper. The best infantry in the galaxy, Clones are excellent garrison units
		   - Juggernaut Transport added

8. Miscellaneous   - Any Republic ARC-170 squadron can kill the Death Star
                   - Obi-Wan, Yoda, Darth Vader, General Veers all gain Field Commander bonuses


- create a mod folder in you Foc Folder. For example - C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionMods
- extract the 'RotC' folder to the mod folder, which should look something like - C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionModsRotC
- Insert your Foc disk and double-click on the shortcut included to start the mod
- NOTE: If you have your game installed to a non-default directory, such as 'E:Program Files...' you MUST edit the 'target' box in the shortcut provided to reflect this

If you have a problem with that, or want to do things the hard way, this is how you do it.

Drop all of these files, minus the readme, into the places I specify
- ending in .xml --> Star Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataXML
- ending in .alo or .ala --> Star Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataArtModels
- ending in .dds or .tgs --> Star Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataArtTextures
- ending in .txt --> Star Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionData
- mastertextfile_english --> Star Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataText
To uninstal, simply delete them from these directories

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Known Issues:
- Battle Droids sound like Mercenaries. I know it's annoying, it will hopefully be changed soon. Until then, there's nothing I can do.
- EaW original campaigns are not in the mod. I did say they were in, but I've had a lot of problems getting them to work right, so for now they're still disabled.
- Some original EaW single-player campaigns don't work. I haven't had time to fix all of them, but at the very least 'Galactic Conquest' is 100% working.
- All Golan stations look the same. Yes they do, because I only have one model. This will be changed when the appropriate models become available.
- In 3D mode, the camera is extremely close to the heads of Clone Troopers. I'll fix it.

Thanks to Codeuser for his Imperial Sniper model; superb Clone Trooper models; BARC, V-19, AT-PT, Golan 1, and Jedi Starfighter models, texturess and icons; Vulture Droid skin; his work on the MTT and STAP models and skins; and general help to make this mod happen
Thanks to LightNinja, Avenger, and NeoMarz for their work on the AT-PT
Thanks to E9 for his work on the MTT and STAP models and skins
Thanks to 1upD for his Clone skins
Thanks to the Thrawns Revenge team for the Clone Commando models and skins
Thanks to Bryant for the Naboo N-1 model and skins
Thanks to Eville for the Golan models
Thanks to Daft and JC for their work on the Golan models
Thanks to Doofi for his UT-AT model 
Thanks to Kyle_k_Ski for original 'Freedom' design and General Trageton for creating the model and textures
Thanks to Nomada_Firefox for the SPHA-T model, textures and icon, plus converting the X-TIE, TIE-Wing, and Diamond Cruiser models, plus DTM's Republic Cruiser model
Thanks to EvilleJedi for the Dreadnought, Munificent, Federation Battleship, 'Peacebringer', Hardcell, Jedi Starfighter, Lancer, and ARC-170 models
Thanks to Keeper of Faith for his Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, AAT, Jedi Interceptor (Eta-2); plus converting EvilleJedi's models, and for adding textures and icons
Thanks to Ober0311 for his superb Clone Trooper skins
Thanks to the Conflict in Space team for the Lancer and AT-TE model (Psyk0Sith), plus Neomarz1 for AT-TE skin and Qui-Rom for additional work on it. Plus the AT-TE and General Dodonna's icon
Thanks to Bailknight for the Republic Gunship model, texture, and icon
Thanks to the Steiner Modding Group for the excellent Carrack Cruiser model
Thanks to LightNinja, Avenger, and NeoMarz for their AT-PT work
Thanks to Onemanshow for his AI fixes
Thanks to Avenger for his AT-TE hardpoint coding, Venator model/textures and some coding; Hailfire Droid model and textures; plus his work on the Golan models
Thanks to Schrodinger for his work on the Hailfire Droid
Thanks to z3r0x for his Republic Gunship coding plus his work on the MTT, as well as MTT and STAP icons
Thanks to Kalo for his IFT-X Fighter Tank model and textures
Thanks to Simplestarwarsfan for the new splash screen
Thanks to Lucasarts for the new sounds

Special thanks to swgbex and Kalo, without whom this mod wouldn't exist.


This is because the different authors listed above have different policies, and many of the skins have been edited by myself.


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