Rise of the Pirates (ROTP)

This new mod is very similar to my other mod (Enhanced FOC) although this one focuses on the underworld. I have added some new music to repl...


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This new mod is very similar to my other mod (Enhanced FOC) although this one focuses on the underworld. I have added some new music to replace the old. Thanks to John Williams, the London Symphony Orchestra, ILm, lucas film, and avenger(model of the venator). An example of my work is that Tyber's krayt destroyer has been dusted and I added a venator to replace it(same name as the krayt but different description). Version 1.5 may include some other major changes with affiliation and armor/shielding. For the heroes, I have added personal shield generators to all of them. This mod is not canon

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Download 'rotp.zip' (89.34MB)

Rise of the Pirates Mod(ROTP)
Version: 1
Author: Johnathon
Email: johnathonDII@cox.net
Class: Coder
This mod is for FoC. Not for EAW
this mod is similar to Enhanced FOC but it mainly focuses on the underworld 
Thanks to Avenger 95 as without his models, this mod would be very hard to complete
Special Thanks to the creators of the music used in my modification (John Williams, Lucasfilm, and ILM) 
as their music is the best I have ever seen in a long time.
Changed Underworld to Pirate Alliance(Pirates for short)(best and only name i could think of, sorry if i copied off of Foc Additions)
Added Venator to Pirates(similar to my mod Enhanced FOC
Added V-Wing to Pirates(enhanced
Added ARC-170 to Pirates(enhanced)
Added Eta-2 Actis interceptor to Pirates(enhanced)
Added Victory Cruiser to Pirates(enhanced and another variant still works for the empire)
Added Acclamator to Pirates(enhanced and still is allied with the empire too)
Changed the fighter compliment of the Victory and the acclamator
Enhanced Tyber, Urai, Silri, Bossk, and IG-88
Removed Tyber's Krayt destroyer(replaced with a modified Venator which has the same name buy different discription of the old Mercilles/Peacebringer)
Removed Skipray and Starviper from production(still is affiliated with the Underworld)
Enhanced Canderous Tank, MAL Artillery, Genadier, Merc Assault Squad, Destroyer Droid, and Pulse Tank
Future Versions may require some modeling. If so, I will start recruiting modelers and skinners.
Any use of these xmls against my mod is prohibited (but you can edit them)
Installation instructions:
1. open the zip/rar file
2. Copy or extract the main folder (ROTP) to your mods folder (if you do not have one - , please create one by renaming a folder) 
3 click on the "ROTP mod launch" shortcut.
4. Enjoy the mod.
If you have any questions, please post them here as I check the posting every day.
Bug reports may be posted too or emailed. (I rarely go on my email adress so the posting is the most reliable.)

Hope you have Fun!

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